Snowpocalypse!…Sort of

These are very late getting posted but life gets busy. These are a few photos of the most recent snowstorm to hit the Denver Metro area. There were all kinds of names for it ha! The tricky part was that it came in later than expected so while meteorologists were calling for significant snow, many people began to put their guard down because it didn’t really start snowing when originally thought. But it did come and boy did it come down!

We, as in my family and myself, ended up with what was about two feet of snow or darn close to it. So much shoveling! Getting my car high-centered and having to dig out twice was the least fun ha! But even with all that snow, it’s nearly all gone now. Temperatures never got that cold and the snow was immediately melting away. We did need the moisture for sure. That said, as per usual, these are taken with the Canon 80D with the 55-250 MM lens. I love that lens! Some things to keep in mind, I had my wipers up to keep them from freezing to the windshield and at one point they could barely be seen there was so much snow on my vehicle. My neighbor’s tree had so much snow the branches were hanging super low and even one was broken…as you can see. Spring snow is way different than winter snow. It’s wetter and usually much heavier so getting so much at once has a tendency to hurt trees in a big way. The photo of my car is seen after having done some clearing of the snow the day before. Oh so much snow ha!


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