Falling for color

Wow…two posts in a short period of time…shocker for me! Another set of photos from October. A good friend and I went to the pumpkin patch/pumpkin fest again for the Denver Botanic Gardens for the second year in a row. It’s a chance to see beautiful fall foliage and not only of trees changing color but of flowers and other plants. The Gardens has a second location in Chatfield that is truly amazing! Both locations are totally worth visiting though if you are passing through or haven’t even been.

Same deal – took out the Canon 80D with my two fabulous lenses and did the best I could. At the time I thought I took a ton of photos but once I started the editing process, not so much. So it’s a smaller collection than I would prefer but not too shabby. I usually like the vibrant setting but it tended to do a little too much orange. I tried to cool that off a bit but not wholly sure I accomplished that with my limited editing abilities. I still hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by!


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