Music of my heart


Here’s a really old post from Myspace. I have uploaded it here because the content remains true for me. I probably would rewrite it a bit differently these days but I think I get the point across. Please pardon any poor grammar haha, this was before I really paid attention to that stuff when blogging.

Here I am sitting on my roof, listening to 5 really random cds in my radio and I think to myself…what if I couldn’t hear? What if I couldn’t hear the wind in the trees? the sprinklers being people’s yards personal rainfall? the sirens crying in the distance? I would miss the windchimes flirting with the wind. Most importantly, I couldn’t hear the music. I couldn’t hear the melodies, the lyrics being sung, the harmonies, the instrumentation, any of it.

Oh lordy I don’t want to think about it. I’m not sure I’d be in complete ruin, but probably the next best thing.

Yes, I realize I have just made music more important than all of those sounds combined but I don’t care. it’s all music to me, making none of it more important than the rest.

It’s overcast and a bit breezy out here making it a little chilly but that’s ok. The air is fresh and I’m kicking it to some fantastic sounds.

My friends generally think of me as a music snobb or a music freak of some kind and I suppose that I am. Since a very young age, I’ve listened to the radio. I grew up listening to various rock’n’roll(classic, modern-for the time, pop, etc) some country and whatever else was flowing through the radio. Having been so exposed to this artistic medium, I feel I have gained agreater appreciation and love for the true universal language. It’s universal because every culture on this planet has music. It doesn’t matter what it’s used for, it only matters that it exists everywhere in many different forms.

Music tells it’s stories of love, heartache, hope, life, failure and much more, all of which express the humanity in us all. Whatever the story, if it’s well done you can feel it. Sometimes it feels as though a song is speaking directly to you, if not directly on your behalf.

For many, music is just a form of entertainment with the occasional song that has true meaning for them. For me, it’s all of music that holds such meaning. For whatever I am feeling at any given moment, there’s at least 3 or 4 songs that can communicate for me when I can’t. In times of need when I couldn’t reach family or friends, it’s been my companion. When I can’t hear anyone else, music speaks to me. It’s just a total stress relief for me when I’ve needed it. Sometimes, as scary as it may sound, a really good song will just get me going. it almost feels as if I can feel it in my veins. That song in that moment has just struck such a  strong cord with me it’s

I know a lot of people think I’m loopy or crazy and that’s fine. I can’t help it. I just feel passionately about music as one person put it. I give credit to my dad for creating me like this. he and I are very similar when it comes to music. We often have long discussions about music trivia, concerts(upcoming and past), putting together sets of music(some radio stations promote putting certain songs together as a theme or can be random so we do this in our free time) and all other music related things. we just simply love it. What can i say?

Chime in!

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