Blossoms of Beauty

Hello all! Yes, sadly, it’s been a while since I’ve visited. I keep telling myself I will be here more often but I can’t find my words and more importantly, I can’t seem to find the right work/life balance that includes being a bit more social while doing the solo activities I love so much…such as blogging and photography. Maybe one day I’ll figure out a way to balance it all better…I hope!

Anyway, here it is so many months later and I have some new photos for you all! A friend of mine and I went to the Denver Botanic Gardens late in the afternoon/early evening and it was incredibly pleasant. It wasn’t too hot anymore, though still quite warm, and still enough light to get some awesome photos. The water lilies are my favorites but there are some other great ones…in my humble opinion. I still have loads to learn about lighting, etc., but I like the way these ones turned out with the fading sun. I’m sure the more professional photographers out there will have plenty of feedback for me and I’m good with that! I do want to get better.

The Denver Botanic Gardens started out as one site but is now two. They feature a rather large assortment of plants for in and outdoors. The Gardens on York Street features Gardens of the West, Internationally Inspired Gardens, Shady Gardens, Ornamental Gardens and Water Gardens. The Chatfield Farms site has more of a farm feel (and is even a working farm from what I can tell – I haven’t been there yet) and features Gardens of the West and ones that focus on agriculture. If you ever visit the Denver area, be sure to stop by either site! The York Street site also does the Blossoms of Light during the Christmas season and I already did a post featuring those lights last December.

So here is my best photos, or in my humble opinion, best photos from the lot I took. A few aren’t focused quite how I would’ve preferred, but they overall aesthetic is about what I hoped. I took them with my Canon 80D and used the close up setting and on vivid. I hope you enjoy!


2 responses to “Blossoms of Beauty

  1. Love, love that you captured a dragon fly (on my to do list). I am like you in that I love the water lilies too – there is just something that captivates me and has me gravitating towards them when out photographing. I could seriously have flower photography on every wall in my house, but I think the mister would not care for it (so subtle doses here and there suffice). Glad to hear you are doing well – take care. Happy Day – Happy Exploring with your Photography – Enjoy 🙂

    • Thank you! I just got a bit lucky with the dragonfly to be honest lol but that’s how it can go sometimes. I think for me with the water lilies it is the combo of water and color but also how unique they are compared to other flowers. Thanks for stopping by! I really am going to try and make a point of being on here at least once a week – even if I’m not blogging myself, to at least read other blogs. It was so important for me and I need to get back to it. Have a wonderful day!

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