A snow opportunity

Hello there! As per usual for the last couple of years, or so, I’ve been away. I can’t seem to get my head around what I want to do with this blog now except for the photography element. I hope I get it worked out soon because I really do love being on here and I know it’s been something that was really good for me.

Anyway, at least I have a few more photos for you all (The few that still come by and visit anyway ha!). Got a pretty good bit of snow last night, certainly more than was expected. Mom and I, and with some help from my brother, managed to get our driveway, sidewalks and the neighbor’s driveway and walks shoveled…though it was a hefty chore! I wish I could afford to go skiing because it certainly is that soft, powdery, awesome for snowball fights kind of snow. It just happened there is a lot of it. So, we were out taking care of said chore fairly early thinking there would be an errand to run so the combination of sun and snow appealed to me and it was convenient. I hadn’t pulled out the camera in a minute or two so I took a few shots. Nothing too crazy or really all that worth writing home about but figured I’d share just the same. I haven’t taken any shots in a while so if nothing else it served to be in that line of thought and sight again. Here again is the Canon 80D in landscape mostly using the “warm” setting.

Credit – all photos: J. Denevan


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