Inner vs. Outer

Another “rant” from Myspace, but one I would probably come around to stating on here anyway.

Ok so here’s the deal. I was driving home the other day from Greeley and I heard this on the radio: inner beauty vs. outer beauty. So here I go thinking, a perfect thing to blog about…finally…and it’s not about

Naturally a lot of really dumb people said that it’s all about outer beauty. It’s true that it can be argued that outer beauty is necessary to get someone of the opposite sex attracted to you. I am not so convinced of such a trivial belief or at least I believe that to be a trivial belief. There was a lot of comments about how a person can have confidence based on outer beauty and if someone, specifically women, are outwardly attractive then they are more likely to be confident because of how people will respond to them.

Well, to be frank, I say bullshit. Now, the djs on this station, along with several of the listeners were saying that people who supported inner beauty are just liars or are ugly people trying to muster up some confidence or something to that effect. Again…total bullshit.

Those kind of comments are coming from people who don’t know better or are super shallow and have no real personality, or at least that is my belief. Truth be told…inner beauty is much more valuable for a number of reasons. Speaking from personal experience, a person who isn’t as physically attractive, can become this much through a good personality and a connection between two people.  

First, lets think about this. People possessing inner beauty are not as likely to feel they have to change their bodies to try and keep up. Plastic surgery is outrageous and continues image issues people have. Just ridiculous. Also, people with inner beauty in my humble opinion, have a true confidence, not one that’s based on shallowness or what other people think of them. They truly believe in themselves because they know they have the personal strengths, capabilities, etc to pull of most things without relying on using their good looks/bodies. People relying are outer beauty, their confidence is shaky. It’s completely reliant upon others opinions and if it should fade so does that so called confidence.

That leads me to my next point. Outer beauty fades, duh. That’s why there is plastic surgery going on like crazy out there. Inner beauty is always there. Technically, there are a few exceptions to that but it’s rare.

There is also like I said before. Someone who is beautiful on the outside may be ugly on the inside and that is what ends up showing in the end.  Yes being w/ a supermodel seem all great at first but noone wants to be treated like shit forever. Vice Versa, someone who isn’t as attractive, may be much more attractive in the end due to making a connection or the inner beauty they possess. I know I talk from experience here. I’ve been interested in or have dated some who outwardly were not that attractive, but due to personality etc, I was really attracted, even physically attracted, to them. yes it is possible.

Let’s also for a moment talk about Ugly Betty. Yes I mean a t.v. show. A t.v. show that is about a girl, who isn’t all that attractive, but shows real personality. Think about why this show is such a hit. everyone wants a real hero or heroine, not always the supermodel cuz let’s face it…hardly any of us look like that. Also, keep in mind the irony of the fact that it’s a telenovela, a spanish soapopera adapted for American television by a real beauty…Selma Hayak (not sure on spelling). She’s gorgeous, but obviously she believes in the inner beauty also. It shows in some other things she’s done. Anywho, I believe this point is totally covered.

So, you all may leave your comments. If there any supporting outer beauty, still feel free to leave them, just know that I am likely to delete them =) . Thanks much, and Goodnight 

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