This is just a sampling of what Needles, Calif., is like. I’m sure I’ll post more pictures as I find them or take them. Enjoy!

2 responses to “Needles

  1. Love your pictures of Needles. My only memory is travelling through in early July on our way to a family reunion, in a air-conditioned van, getting out of the car to simply walk to the store, and the overpowering heat, alarmed us and we jumped back in. Your photos have now given my a positive story about Needles, CA.

    • haha yeah my aunt talked about walking into the grocery store and just laying on the ground in the refrigerated area because she was so hot. it is an experience that’s for sure, but the city itself is nice and they have a few really nice events, etc., that are great. needles is infamous for it’s heat but it’s not all it is. 🙂

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