Ghostly fall colors

So I try and get here more often than I do but I’m horrible. I am going to try and get back to writing along with my photography but life is full speed ahead if not faster in the last year or so and I continue to be in my rut so it’s not been easy to figure out a schedule. I keep wanting to do more and more, which leads to feeling overwhelmed to the point of rendering me to not doing anything. That’s frustrating.

Anyway, I digress. I have here today, finally, my fall colors/ghost town photos from the excursion I took with my dad last October. As per usual, I took my Canon 80D with my two lenses – 18-55MM and the 55-250MM. One day I’ll get upgraded to more and varied lenses but for now, I’m still enjoying the heck out of these two! I feel I still get quite a bit accomplished. With my dad with me, I did do a lot of repeat photos, trying out different settings and trying out what I liked more or not so much. I did some mild editing, partly because they didn’t need too much and partly because I still don’t have a good editor yet. I hope to get one in the near future. I don’t get out to do as much photography as of late so not a huge, huge hurry to get one yet since it takes me so long to sit down and do the editing anyway. Go figure.

So, dad and I ended up going to a couple of different spots. We ended up stopping in Rollinsville first. It’s not even called a town. It’s called a census-designated place, CDP. That’s new to me. There are a couple of abandoned cabins out there and plenty of fall foliage, at the time anyway, for photos to be taken. The cabins may be abandoned but that doesn’t mean they’re left alone. It’s clear someone or several someones come up and are disrespectful, tagging them with various graffiti and what not. It’s funny to see such a large satellite dish left behind amongst other remnants. The cabins aren’t that old and yet, there is still an older feeling to them.

From there, we headed to Nevadaville, up near Central City, both considered ghost towns. Central City remains bustling with tourism centered on gambling and old west attractions and continues to be a small community. I’d been talking about wanting to do visit ghost towns in October because…well you know…it’s Ghostober (for any paranormal fans out there). We won’t be discussing my interest or curiosity about the paranormal, but I will say I have felt for a long time photos of a ghost town would be intriguing. It’s what’s left of history, even if it’s not history that makes the bigger history books. These towns still remind us of someone’s story. The last few photos of were a tree right next to my dad’s house. I loved the gradual change in color from green to yellow to red. Lovely!

So, without further delay, here are the photos. I think I’ve taken better ones but still…they are interesting, I think. As always, feel free to let me know what you think. I welcome feedback on how to better my skills. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the photos.


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