I Love Harold Ramis! RIP (special select-a-set)



Like most of the world, I was stunned and saddened to heard about the passing of Harold Ramis on Feb. 24. He was a genuinely funny man and was so brilliant, much like one of his most loved characters, Egon Spengler. I grew up watching his movies – Ghostbusters, Stripes (well didn’t actually see this one until much later but I was always a big influenced by it regardless), Caddyshack and of course, Animal House. He didn’t appear in Animal House but he did co-write it and it shows. There was also Groundhog day, but sadly I have to admit to not seeing that one…at least not yet.

So, given how absentee I’ve been, and I will honestly be correcting that, I decided today was a good special select-a-set day in honor of the downed funny man.

First up – naturally we have to being this set with Ray Parker, Jr.’s “Ghostbusters.” I just love those films! There are so many great lines from Ramis but of course, the lines he gave Bill Murray were relentlessly funny. “What about the twinkie?”

Second – “I’m Alright” by Kenny Loggins from Caddyshack. This movie is wonderfully hilarious and again, Bill Murray’s “Carl” is a totally unforgettable character. Who could forget the gopher? Fabulous movie.

Third – “Twisting the Night Away” – Sam Cooke, Animal House. First – this song is just a ton of fun and Sam Cooke is amazing. This is a perfect song to illustrate the shenanigans at the Animal House. I love this movie! Ramis wasn’t in this movie, but he did co-write it. It’s clear he had a hand in it that’s for sure.

Bonus: I have to put in the first cadence from “Stripes.” Enjoy!


6 responses to “I Love Harold Ramis! RIP (special select-a-set)

  1. I actually had thought that Ramis was already dead….. go figure.
    I’m like the only 30-something in the U.S. who doesn’t list Animal house as one of my favorite films….. I’ve scene it but never really liked it very much…

    BUT, Ghostbusters & Groundhog day are in my top 50 favorites of all time!!!!

    Gosh Jen, you’ve never seen Groundhog day:?????? And you call your self a journalist??? (ha ha seeing ground hog day and being a journalist have absolutely nothing to do with each other but you know me, I’ve got make some ridiculous statement in these comments ;). )

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