I Love Heart! (Select-A-Set)

credit: rollingstone.com

credit: rollingstone.com

How perfect is it that the last chance to do a select-a-set (even if a day late) for the month and I choose Heart? It’s the love month, they’re called Heart and quite frankly, I totally heart them! It’s just too perfect…just saying.

Ann and Nancy Wilson are truly the First Ladies of Rock’n’Roll if you ask me. I grew up listening to their music and it simply blows me away. I remember my friend Nicole and I used to pretend we were Ann and Nancy. I have dark so so I was Ann and she had strawberry blonde hair so she was Nancy. We would put some music on and rock out and do our best air guitar! Oh those were the days.

So first up – “Nothin’ At All.” I don’t have any particular rhyme or reason for the songs I picked really. I love so many of them that it doesn’t matter really. Well, that’s not totally true – part of why I picked this one is that I simply love it and lately it feels like it fits for some reason. As always, Ann’s vocals are superb. Oh and the video is fun.

Second – “Will You Be There?” Nancy takes charge on this one. Nancy always the guitarist but she could also sing. It shows in this tune. I think many women can relate to this – feeling so head over heels for a guy (or any person head over heels for another) and being a little worried that person won’t be sticking around. When you put yourself out there, it’s difficult to not get a little scared of getting hurt.

Third – “Never.” This, along with “Nothin At All” both come off the self-titled album for the band. This is another fun one but giving into each other and never letting go, not letting the surrounding nay sayers get a good love down. It’s just more fun rock to me. Plus who doesn’t love those 80s costumes and hairstyles?

Bonus track – “Barracuda.” You can’t talk about Heart and not include at least one of their many more classic tunes. These First Ladies of rock really show how it’s done on this song. That intro is killer! There are so many other songs I’d love to feature like “Magic Man,” “Crazy On  You,” “Who Will You Run To,” “These Dreams” and more but you get the idea. So enjoy!


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