I Love Wild Horses! (Select-A-Set)

credit: Jess Lee Photography

credit: Jess Lee Photography

I’m supposed to be writing every day and I can’t even get to writing every other day lately. I’m in such a crazy rut – went from bumming out after a tough week at work to getting too excited too quickly about silliness and now I’ve crashed. Go figure. It’s amazing how quickly insecurity piles up and feels overwhelming particularly when it starts with one department of life and then spreads to others like a disease. I’ll figure it out somehow. I usually do but the process is never easy. It would just be nice to get a break in certain departments of my life ya know?

Anyway, that’s not the point of this particular post. With craziness going on lately, I’ve really wanted to run away. I’ve had this feeling of wanting to just run and be free and leave all the burdens behind. I instantly had this image of wild horses. I love their spirit. I wish I could be like that. So that’s what this set is about…wild horses.

First – Natasha Bedingfield’s “Wild Horses.” I hadn’t ever heard this song before now but I like it. As I was thinking and feeling, this song taps into the energy and free spirit of wild horses.

Second – U2’s “Who’s Going To Ride Your Wild Horses?” First and foremost, I love U2. To me this song is about a free-spirited woman who can’t be tamed, like wild horses. I’d love to think I’m like that to a point. Maybe that’s part of my singlehood – there simply isn’t a way to tame me. Who knows. Perhaps it’s time to totally embrace this and just “run free,” find a way to do the travel I want and not be settled down?  We shall see.

Third – The Rolling Stones, “Wild Horses.” I love this song! It’s a little different than the previous two in that it’s about the strength of wild horses not being able to overcome this guy’s feelings. No matter how hard they may try, wild horses couldn’t make him think less of this woman. Wild horses are incredibly spirited and strong but even they can’t change a person’s feelings and that’s an impressive comparison. I love The Sunday’s version of this song but the only problem with their version is the singer’s voice at times is too wispy. It’s difficult to hear what she’s saying and that makes it difficult to get the full feeling of the song.


One response to “I Love Wild Horses! (Select-A-Set)

  1. I’m curious what a tough week at work for u is…. because it seems like you have a pretty fun/laid back job; go meet with people in your community, interview them, write your articles, etc. Are some people difficult to interview or is it sometimes overwhelming to write as many articles as you write each week?

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