A Foolish Heart…’Hook,’ Line and Sinker



Google “Foolish Heart” and you’ll immediately see a YouTube video of Steve Perry’s song.  The chorus hits the nail on the head for many who have given love a try a time or ten but it’s never worked out.

Foolish heart, hear me calling
Stop before you start falling
Foolish heart, heed my warning
You’ve been wrong before
Don’t be wrong any more

The heart is an amazing physical feature of the human body. What it does for us on a daily basis is a miracle, but the “heart” in a figurative nature is a whole other matter. The heart, again can be really amazing, it brings people together, it can help with forgiveness and help brighten a day when people show kindness. The Batkid story is one of those heartwarming stories – a kid was able to “save” San Francisco from such villains as The Joker and The Riddler. In those instances, the heart is hardly foolish.

The heart becomes foolish when it comes to romantic matters. They say love is blind and that becomes apparent when decisions made are questionable, but you can’t see it at the time. The heart becomes foolish, the consequences set in and hindsight becomes brutal. That right there…that’s me…over and over again. I’m trying to decide how much of it is my brain and how much of it is my heart. I’m pretty sure the two are in cahoots. Sometimes it feels like my heart does give me a warning, or perhaps it’s my gut, but there’s that warning but then in the back of my mind there’s that tiny little voice that says “you never know if you don’t try” – a perfectly logical way of thinking. It’s a tight rope walk, balancing logic and feelings. The tight rope is  your feelings (your heart) and the pole you use to help balance is your logic. Sadly, I have fallen off that rope far too many times. I probably follow my foolish heart more than I should, but that’s just who I am.

Pop culture has no problem with talking about the foolish heart. The topic is constantly explored in movies, music and books. I already mentioned one song but the list is endless and many with the words “foolish heart” in them. Personally, I’m a huge fan of Jane Austen. Her stories and her approach to the foolish heart bit is so clever, honest and relatable. I love the so-called character flaws her characters have and how they have to overcome them to finally be happy. I think that’s a fairly realistic way of looking at dating, relationships and the foolish beats our hearts often take. This is how I came to believing that really, I’m looking for a Mr. Darcy. I loved “Pride and Prejudice” and Elizabeth Bennett is wonderfully spunky. I’d like to think I’m like her, therefore, it is a Mr. Darcy that will be the one for me, whoever that may actually be. Mr. Darcy is proud and she is prejudiced. As imperfect as he comes off, Mr. Darcy is a good man who does the right things for the right reasons; is respectful, is kind, thoughtful, etc. I find myself liking those characteristics so I decide some time back that I’m not looking for Mr. Right, I’m looking for a Mr. Darcy.

As fate would have it, I love the show, “Once Upon A Time.” Now, I have to confess that I’ve always been drawn to the bad boy but I never knew that this time that bad “boy” would indeed be the legendary Captain Hook. First, the show’s creators took a very different approach in that Hook is young. Colin O’Donoghue is an extremely good looking Irishman. He plays the part well. Hook as we all know is a mean pirate who is always duking it out with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Almost all of that story would be changed in the show, not all of it I would like, but that’s another story. OUAT’s version of Hook though has me rethinking my choice of Mr. Darcy.

Yes, we first meet Hook and he’s indeed the pirate we expect to see – mean, vengeful, self-serving. He ends up walking that fine line between good and bad though, much like another adored famous pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow (yes I said Captain Jack). As the show’s marched on, however, we find the Hook we know is a bit more complex, and better yet, not the total villain either. What I’ve come to love about Hook is his adventurous side. Many women like the bad boy. I think it’s because we’re drawn to the edginess and not following rules, but that doesn’t mean we want a guy who’s going to treat us badly. Apparently, even pirates can fall in love and, contrary to what we may think, they too will follow their foolish hearts. Hook may still have particular motivations but this time, it’s about his feelings for Emma, not simply to get revenge or seek buried treasure. As it turns out, at least in the show, Hook turned to piracy as an act of good – again similarly to how Disney played with the blurred lines of good and bad in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. He’s got me…hook, line and sinker. I cannot lie.

All of this, and along with my own recent misadventures in dating yet again, leads to a new look at what perhaps this foolish heart is seeking. I want that sense of adventure and willingness to say hell to the rules on occasion, but I also want someone who’s willing to fight for what he wants, believes in; I want a passionate person with some edge and yet, at the end of the day, will do the right thing for the right reason; will treat me with respect and be honest with me. Plus, even a pirate understands the necessity of some order, respect and handwork – those are good things to have in a man right? The one thing I’m pulling out of the show the most is hope – that it always exists all I have to do is believe. Okay so that sounds a bit like a fairy tale but there is always a nugget of truth in all fairy tales. In this case, it’s certainly true that while the heart may be foolish, it’s never foolish to follow it, even if hurt comes with it because hope also comes with it.


3 responses to “A Foolish Heart…’Hook,’ Line and Sinker

  1. I agree with your comment, “The heart becomes foolish, the consequences set in and hindsight becomes brutal.” Why is it that I make the same mistakes over and over, often with the same person? Benjamin Franklin’s definition of insanity “is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” I can only conclude that, in matters of the heart, I am insane. ~ Dennis

    • I think many of us are insane – at least in matters of the heart. It’s amazing how that works. I know I tend to make the same mistakes over and over and it’s frustrating. It happens though. Hopefully we’ll finally learn from them and move forward. 🙂

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