A Run of Bad Luck (Select-A-Set)



Yeah I’d say that’s pretty unlucky – that’s definitely about getting the short end of the stick. I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of days where nothing seemed to go right. We all have felt pretty unlucky from time to time. Also this is sadly a day late because I plum forgot yesterday was Thursday and then I’ve been quite busy. Go figure.

I figured…I can’t always talk about good luck. Let’s face it…there’s plenty of bad luck to go around also. There are some people who seem more likely than others to have bad luck. There’s always that moment when you just know you were in the wrong place at the wrong time or maybe  you were in the right place but certainly the wrong time. Maybe it was the right time but wrong place. It’s crazy how these things work out from time to time. I think it’s really incredible how it seems to feed itself – one bad thing seems to lead to another. That’s always among the most frustrating days.

I figured it’s a good day to explore some of those songs too. Again, it can’t be all good luck. So first up we have Clint Black’s “Good Run of Bad Luck.” It’s simply a good song. I enjoy it and thought it worth sharing.

If there’s any type of music that knows about bad luck, it’s the blues. Who better to sing about bad luck than B.B. King? This song has lots of soul and of course the blues. It’s a good time song about being down in the dumps. It’s certainly fun to listen to even if we don’t want to trade spots with the fellow.

Third – Mr. Bad Luck – Earl King. Here’s another great blues tune. I don’t know as much about this song to be honest. I came across it in my quest to fill my select-a-set. I swear part of this project is wonderful in finding new songs. I hope you all enjoy all the bad luck but in a good way.


4 responses to “A Run of Bad Luck (Select-A-Set)

  1. When it comes to luck, I think it’s really about attitude. If, for example, you always assume something will go wrong, it’s seen as proof of bad luck when something does go wrong. However, the person who always has a positive attitude finds things go well most days. The few days of bad luck appear as anomalies.

    • I agree though sometimes things simply don’t go your way (perhaps that’s the anomaly you are referring to). There really is something to people’s attitudes about life. Negative energy attracts more and positive attracts more positive. Another anomaly then, I suppose, would be those few folks who really do seem to have bad luck regardless of their attitude. No matter how upbeat they may be, things tend to not go their way. Those folks I think are, as you say, rare but it happens. Just as a fun side note, have you ever seen that movie “Pure Luck” with Martin Short and Danny Glover? Ha! I highly recommend it if you haven’t. Very funny movie about a nice man who has the worst luck. It’s good stuff. 🙂

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