Select-A-Set Thursday: Random



I have to admit I don’t have anything planned for this select-a-set. I’m still quite sick and just don’t have the energy to come up with something really original or tying it to my January theme. I hope you don’t mind the randomness of this set. For those just joining, I try and have a set of three songs every Thursday. It’s something my dad and I used to do when I was still living in Colorado. So here it is – just three songs that I really love. That’s it. Nothing more.

First up – Danny Elfman’s “The Little Things” from the movie “Wanted.” This song is straight up badass. The beat is amazing and you can’t help but rock out to it. Without thinking about it, the antagonist in the film has a choice to make. It turns quite interesting.

Second – The Heavy’s “Short Change Hero.” My brother introduced me to this song quite a while ago to be honest but I’d forgotten about it until now that I’m on vacation. He played it again for me. I love the beat. It’s so addictive. You may recognize it from the “Arkham City” video game commercials.

Third – “Freedom” by Anthony Hamilton and Elayna Boynton from the “Django Unchained” soundtrack. I hadn’t this song until tonight when my mom and brother recommended it. I haven’t seen this movie but have heard many good things about it. This is certainly a powerful tune.


4 responses to “Select-A-Set Thursday: Random

    • Well awesome – my mission has been accomplished this time. My hope is that I can help broaden music horizons through my select-a-sets 🙂 there is so much good music to be heard out there that it’s a shame people miss out due to only one or two preferences. Though, I do hope to get suggestions for music selections from readers also so please if there’s ever a time when I’ve overlooked something please feel free to fill me in. 🙂

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