A New Me

credit: J.Denevan/ this is my new hairdo; the initial cut took off about 9-10 inches and then more was chopped - I love it!

credit: J.Denevan/ this is my new hairdo; the initial cut took off about 9-10 inches and then more was chopped – I love it!

Okay so I’m a little out of practice with posting now – it’s amazing how being sick for a week, tired and on vacation has a tendency to make you lazy. I do apologize I’ve been so abesentee for so long. I work hard to not let that many days go by without some kind of a post. My apologies.

Anyway, I decided to get back into the swing of things I’d start off with sharing my choice to cut off my hair. It was down to about the middle of my back and now it doesn’t even reach my shoulders. I had wanted to do a short cut for a long time but it just never happened. Frequently the stylists would talk me out of it because the thought was my crazy thick, curly hair would be even crazier super short. The concern was that the curl would go nuts and the volume would be out of control. I think part of it was also that they thought I couldn’t handle chopping it all off. Some people do cry when they cut their hair. That’s not me though.

Because I was sick, I finally didn’t get around to doing all that I wanted to do while on vacation. My plans included going walking or riding a bike daily and also doing some photography. There were a couple of days when it simply would have been too cold with my being sick. It just wasn’t a good idea. The one thing I did get do to while I was on vacation was cut my hair. I was excited to do so because I’ve always planned to cut the hair as a metaphor to the start of my personal change and journey.

For those who are just joining, my theme for this month is my personal New Year’s Theme. Yes I said theme. I don’t do regular resolutions anymore as I’ve never been good about them. A couple of years ago I tried doing a theme instead. At that time it was to invest in myself – if I don’t, no one else will. I am expanding on that by using just a one word theme this year and it’s “choices.” I need to make better choices and become more proactive in my life this year. I start with the haircut but I’ll be sure to keep going with what I choose to eat, choosing to be more active, etc. All of those choices go into investing in myself. I can’t invest in myself if I’m not making good choices.

So at least I feel I am on my way. I still have more to do but at least it’s a start. To reach the end, a start must happen and so there you have it. Here’s to hoping my blog will help keep me accountable huh?


4 responses to “A New Me

  1. Love it – “invest in yourself” and “choices” – loving your hair too:) I went short a few years back and have no desire to go back to medium length hair anytime soon. Happy Day Sweetie!!!

    • Thanks much! Yes it was certainly freeing to chop off the hair. I have a feeling I’ll go back to long at some point but for now, I’m happy with real short hair. 🙂 Hope you had a good day.

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