Monterey Bay Aquarium -July 2013

So these are a few of the photos I took when I visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium July 26. It’s such a cool place! I highly recommend it to anyone.

I do recommend that you plan for crowds or try and go at a time when there will be a few less folks. Also try and spend the entire day or most of a day there to make it worth your while. It is a little pricy to get in but it is an amazing place so it’s worth the cost but you do get more bang for your buck if you go for several hours, half or full day type of deal.

Some of my favorite parts of the aquarium included the jelly fish exhibits. Going in, you see a sign called The Jelly Experience… sound familiar? If you’re a Jimi Hendrix fan you’d get it. There was this whole psychadelic rock theme that was going on and it was a blast. The jellies are so well jelly and have some great colors that really helped make that theme work.

The sea horse exhibit was also a lot of fun. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of sea horses or that many don’t even look like sea horses. They’re pretty wild.

There were lots of things to see, including going outside and watching kayakers and others enjoying the bay. It’s definitely worth checking out the entire area because there’s lots to see and enjoy. I didn’t end up having that kind of time and not enough money to spend there, but it was still great. I would just do it a little differently next time. I hope you like the photos. I’m not some great photographer… at least not yet and my equipment is a bit limited but one day… those same pictures will be even tons better.


2 responses to “Monterey Bay Aquarium -July 2013

    • awesome! yeah im still working on my photog skills and it didn’t help i didn’t have the new camera with me ugh lol oh well. i love aquariums and zoos… wonderful places 🙂

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