Of Vacation Hangovers and First Day Back to Work Adjustments



I’m at the office. It’s the first official day back from vacation that I barely returned home from late last night so there was no adjustment to even being back in my apartment, back in the small city I live in or anything… just straight to bed and now to work.

I was supposed to have been back in Needles around dinner time last night so I could do some laundry and unwind from the hecticness that was vacation but nope… one missed exit translated into three extra hours of driving and not returning home until about 11 p.m. Another “d’oh” moment on the trip… ugh. I had the correct route figured out, etc., but never saw signs for where I needed to grab yet another highway in California and so I went an hour and a half the wrong way then had to back track… hence three hours. That doesn’t include how incredibly horrible the drivers are out that way. Oh my road rage was through the roof!

Anyway, so here I am back on my office and it feels foreign. I was out of town for a total of nine days, five of which were actual work days and four were my regular weekend days. It was only five regular office days off but somehow it feels much longer than that. One or two days off and it’s like you never left the office, you don’t recover really but take five days and wow… having to start over is a chore in of itself.

I opened my work email and bam! There’s 311 emails! Granted… probably between 5 and 10 of those are actual emails that I need to read but how tedious it is to have to hit the delete button on things like Russian Dating and FlirtHookUpDate ad. I have no idea why my work email gets that crap by the way. There’s also all the credit card checks and mortgage options… well I don’t own a house so I think it’s safe to say I don’t need those advertisements either. Blah. Stupid junk mail that my work email doesn’t filter for me. Grrr.

So the rest of the drill is to get my itinerary printed and look at any possible changes, etc. At the end of my work week I create an itinerary  to help plan what I have going on for the next week and let my editor know what is coming down the pike so to speak. Taking a quick look, fortunately my week appears to be fairly light, which for me is nice, but for the newspaper could be a little bit of a problem. So that’s more work for me to do – figure out stuff to fill the paper with. That’s not usually too difficult but still, my brain isn’t in that mode yet. In fact, I’m fairly certain my brain is still mush all together right about now. I’m still processing all that I did and saw, which in retrospect… was a ton!

I haven’t had a mid-summer vacation like that in a long time. The last few times have only been for long weekends as I will be taking another this weekend. I typically work Saturdays but as it just so happens, Aug. 3 (Saturday) is my birthday and the company is awesome enough to see that as a holiday so I’m taking off. My original plans have been cancelled but given that I’ll probably still be recovering from vacation, that may not be so bad. I don’t think I really need a wild night in Vegas to top off a wild week in California. I need some sanity back in my life.

Don’t get me wrong… vacation was wonderful and I needed it. It’s just nice to get back to some routine also. I have plenty of stories to tell and those will be coming but for now, I suppose I better get my rear back to work. Oh for the love of humanity… the first day back is not ideal. Just trying to shake off the vacation hangover while adjusting back to work is multitasking.

So here’s a little 80s nostalgia to get back into the work mode… some “The Bangles” “Manic Monday.” Okay it’s not Monday but it is mine so there you have it.


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