Thankful Nov. Day 10: Thankful for Perspective

credit: Jennifer Denevan (me)/taken while riding the cable car in San Francisco - getting some "perspective"

credit: Jennifer Denevan (me)/taken while riding the cable car in San Francisco – getting some “perspective”

I’ve always been a big fan of perspective. It’s always a good idea to get a different point of view on a subject or matter. Gaining perspective is helpful in terms of seeing a problem in a different light; it can provide a different way to handle that problem.

The last few days I have definitely gained some perspective. I volunteer for a group that allows me to say thanks and to support our brave military men and women. I write letters to deployed personnel and it’s been an awesome experience. In recent weeks, things have been turned upside down with this group.

Apparently, and to be honest I don’t know the entire story I’m only going with what I know, the organization needed to do some revamping. There’s being what is called a “reboot” of the database with all the volunteers information in order to eventually make things run much more smoothly. In the interim, that’s far from the case – from what I understand. There’s also been an implementation of having to make a minimum payment of $12 in order to volunteer. This is where my issue came in because for me, I don’t have much money to give and I’m already giving what I feel is almost my limit. I also feel that making someone pay in order to volunteer, which includes spending an x-amount of money, is contrary to the point of volunteering.

That said, I’ve certainly gained a lot of perspective on the matter after following a number of conversations on the forum for this group. The lack of communication and various communication errors can indeed be extremely frustrating, especially when a person just wants to do his or her job in terms of volunteering. When the communication breakdown interferes and doesn’t allow that to happen, yes frustration will set in, particularly when it involves money. The problem is that some folks have allowed the frustration to become childish behavior. There has been arguing, bickering and finger pointing. Even a few of the people at the core of the organization began to take a rude tone – though to be fair, these folks have been under a barrage of angry comments for a few weeks now so they too are frustrated and possibly lashing out a bit.

The point is it all made me realize that even though I feel my concern is legit, there is a bigger picture. First – I don’t volunteer FOR the organization. I volunteer for our military men and women. I can suck up $12 for that. Second – my frustration pales compared to others and I certainly had much less to complain about. Third – no matter what I’m upset with, there’s nothing that is worth reducing a person’s behavior to something only toddlers would do. Temper tantrums and disrespectful behavior doesn’t solve problems, it compounds them.

So I sucked it up, I paid my $12 ($1 per month essentially to be verified) and have moved forward. I’m thankful that something gave me a little perspective on things or I might miss out on something amazing. I was re-reading letters that I received from people I wrote to (they responded to me), and again, that perspective really set in with me. Oh the laughs I had and the smiles I was given just by re-reading those letters. Those laughs and smiles is why I do what I do. The fact I could bring a smile to their face, even for just a moment… that’s why I do what I do. I can suffer through some communication errors and a silly fee to do that. Thank you perspective!


6 responses to “Thankful Nov. Day 10: Thankful for Perspective

  1. It always annoys me that so many volunteer organizations require the volunteers to pay money…… might be surprised how common this is…and sadly $12 is on the very low end… sucks at times dude

    • Oh I know. $12 is the minimal. There are definitely other options but I simply can’t afford that. I mostly disagree with it on principle more than anything but I’ll get over it. šŸ™‚

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