How the sun sets in Needles


These are just a few of the many sunsets I’ve seen since living here in the desert. I moved to Needles in November 2009. I’ll be sure to follow this with a more detailed story but for now, I wanted to share some of the most amazing sunsets I’ve seen here. Most of the pictures are from when I was here about a year. I really should see about more sunset photos, particularly because contrary to popular belief, the desert really does have some real beauty to it – it’s just hidden by harsh sun during the day.

All the photos were taken on a Pansasonic Lumix – consumer point and shoot but has a fabulous sunset setting I love. All the photos are mine. I post these without watermarks. I don’t mind if anyone uses them but I’d appreciate some credit – thanks! Hope you all enjoy!


7 responses to “How the sun sets in Needles

    • thank you! needles is pretty awesome with the sunsets; it’s almost hard for me to say that because i love my native colorado and it’s sunsets so much but all i gotta say about needles’ sunsets is… damn lol 🙂

    • thank you! it occurred to me i hadn’t posted some photos in a bit and this blog is about photos as much as writing so there ya go. i really need to get out and explore more and get more just fun photos. i haven’t done that in a bit and i should try and go somewhere other than vegas for them haha. will have to see what can be done 🙂

    • it was pretty amazing 🙂 the clouds aren’t always like that but the colors happen pretty frequently here. i feel lucky to experience it. thanks for stopping by!

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