Snowy garden lights

Hello all! While I’m still figuring out what to write about (yes, this is taking a lot longer than I!), I’m trying to keep coming by to at least share some of my photography adventures. I don’t do nearly enough of that either to be honest. Maybe one day there will be a lot more of everything.

Anyway, this time, it’s the Blossom of Lights at The Denver Botanic Gardens. I was super stoked when a friend invited me to go because she had an extra ticket. I didn’t get to go last year and I wanted to see what I could accomplish there. Last year I went to The Denver Zoo and photographed the Zoo Lights, so this seemed like good balance. It was a bit of a blistery 32 degree night and with masks due to that blasted Covid-19, it made things a bit interesting. Honestly, the mask was helpful in keeping my face unfrozen…ha! It needs to be good for something (aside from reducing spread of an awful disease).

So again, I was using the Canon 80D. I tried a few different settings but ultimately I let the camera do most of the work and used a pre-set setting. I put it on “vivid” to help bring out the colors. I did a little editing to all these photos but not a whole lot. The biggest thing was resizing them so I can get them uploaded. The Canon is a fabulous camera but the file sizes are enormous! It took forever to get all of the editing and resizing done but…it’s done and that’s why I’m posting. I hope you enjoy them!

All photos credit: J. Denevan


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