A brief look at fall colors 2020 style

So, I feel a need to preface this by saying that this probably wasn’t my best effort. By photography standards there was no planning, I got a very late start or a slightly too early for sunset, and it was so late in the fall colors season that my options were limited. So were my funds, which means options of where to go was also limited. Sigh. Oh well.

I feel like I was able to get a decent bunch of photos despite all of that because photography is, in my humble opinion, about how you view the world. So fortunately, there is almost always something worth taking a photo of despite whatever obstacles may exist. I do hope that you are able to enjoy them despite being limited. I didn’t go far. I went to an area called Golden Gate Canyon State Park and simply walked around. There are several trails in the area that I may have to make a point of checking out again for hiking purposes. It was so lovely to get out and hear nature. I was still too close to the roadway and heard vehicles cruising by but the sound of the wind in the trees and birds still provided a nice break from the chaos that is my job these days. I need more nature!

So, again I used the Canon 80D with the 55 to 250 MM lens (I simply adore that lens!) and used the landscape setting. Sometimes I used the vivid or the intense part of that setting. Last year I seemed to focus on the reds, this year it is all golden! Some of the photos are very similar but the focus is a bit different or the emphasis is a little varied. I hope you enjoy.

Credit: All photos – J. Denevan


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