A mountain road trip

So, my brother, dad and I recently took a trip out to Placerville, Colo. a small mountain town between Norwood and Ridgeway (all west of Montrose for a slightly bigger idea of about where we were located). I have lived in Colorado for most of my life, was born here, but I have to admit that I’d never been to that area of the state. I have been to Grand Junction, well north of there and it’s gorgeous that way too but this was so beautiful. How I love my state! It’s always good to explore and find places you’ve never been. It’s eye opening.

So here it is, the results of that little trip. Or some of them. They’ve all been edited for size and some slightly for color. I always try and make the color bright but not horridly phony looking. I hate that! Again, I used my Canon 80D and I did tinker some with using the toy camera effect, fisheye and the miniaturization effect to see how things would turn out. It was fun!


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