The Heart of the Rockies

Hello everyone! Yes, it’s been yet again a good long while. I had, finally, some thoughts for an actual written blog and then it didn’t come to pass. *Sigh* Maybe soon here. I’m still searching for worthwhile words to put on this thing.

That said, I do have some more photos at least! Yay! I still have much to learn about my Canon 80D, but I sure do have a good time playing with it and seeing what it can do. This time around I felt a strong need to get out of Dodge for a bit and headed to Salida, Colo. It’s a small mountain town in Chaffee County. I lived there for a time when I was working for the local newspaper. While the job didn’t pan out for all that long, I sure loved the time I lived in that little town. The weather was reasonable, it’s at about 7,000 some-odd feet and surrounded by 14ers (14,000 feet plus mountain peaks). It’s simply a lovely place to visit. The Arkansas River runs through town, past Riverside Park and so many people come out to play along and in the river.

That’s what you see here. Many of the photos highlight things and people in town but a few showcase the local mountains too. I hope you enjoy!


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