Denver Walkabout

And so here they are…my selected photos from my wanderings around downtown Denver, or LoDo. There is the baseball park, Coors Field, but mostly it was about things happening around the 16th Street Mall. It was such a gorgeous day! The temperature was fabulous, there was lots happening and some really great things to photograph.

I didn’t plan it out so I really can get a lot more from just that one street, or few blocks, if I really wanted to, but I didn’t know what I would be doing that day. It was very spontaneous but I think that’s why I like the photos so much.

Again, it was me and the Canon 80D. I touched up a few of the photos for color but not by much. The resizing is most of what was done. I would love to do more of this and eventually put a bunch of photos together from the places I’ve lived in a collection. The cameras will be different so quality won’t be quite the same but I’d like to think some things will be similar. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

All photos: J.Denevan (Stormy1218)


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