Wings and beauty

Hello all! Been a little absent – work got crazy busy and then I was exhausted! It took a while before I really felt myself again. That said, I have had a couple of outings and the Canon 80D has come along for the ride! I’m doing this a little backward and am posting my Butterfly Pavilion photos first. Soon to come is my walkabout, if you will, around downtown Denver.

That said – the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colo., is a fabulous little place for adults and children to learn more about those various insects and creepy-crawlies that help make our world go ’round. The best part of the small building, in my humble opinion, is walking around in the last room where the butterflies and moths roam free! Yes, this means they are fluttering all around and may land on you at any time. This makes things a bit interesting if you are not a big fan of having insects on you at any given time. I’m just glad no one landed on the camera…it at least meant I could try and get their photo instead. I hope you enjoy!

Again – this is me just experimenting with the camera. I have much to learn and hope to get better with each adventure. Most of the editing of the photos was to resize and make them more manageable online but a few did get a little color touchup. Fortunately, most of them didn’t need any help, making most of the photos…straight from the camera.

All the photos -J. Denevan (Stormy1812)


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