Living lights

Last night my mom, brother and I took a trip to the Denver Zoo to see the annual Zoo Lights holiday display. As always, it fully amazed us. So many lights and so beautiful!

It was a pretty cold night but a little hot cocoa went a long ways in helping keep us warm as we wandered through the zoo viewing the gorgeous lights meant to capture wildlife in light form instead. The holiday spirit was well alive despite Christmas being a couple days before.

As always, I took the Canon EOS 80D. The camera is capable of doing better than I did, I’m afraid. Technically, all of these photos are crap – can’t see the backgrounds and a few of them are not quite in focus as I finally opted to not use the tripod…like I really should have. Shame on me.

That said…these are what I believed are the best of the nearly 300 photos I took. I hope you all enjoy them. I hope to improve my photog skills so this time next year, these are much improved!

CREDIT: All photos by J. Denevan (me – Stormy1812)


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