A wild sanctuary

And here we are again…with some photos and my experimenting with the Canon 80D. This time this was a visit to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colo. The sanctuary is just that – a place for wild animals to live out their days but in something a bit different than a zoo. While I certainly have nothing bad to say about zoos, as they do much for conservation, the sanctuary is fabulous because the animals have more habitat to live in and the walkways provide ways for people to view this magnificent creatures without making the animals feel like they’re being viewed.

There is more than 1.5 miles of walkways to see all the lions, tigers and bears…oh my! There are jaguars, wolves, arctic foxes and more at the sanctuary. It’s truly an amazing place and worth the trip out to Keenesburg. I highly recommend it.

Anyway, my dad, brother and I took the trip out couple of months ago but like with the fall colors, it’s taken me a bit to get the photos on here. Not all the photos made the cut but this gives you a pretty good idea of what we got to see. I’m excited at how well the photos came out despite the wind and what not. I hope you enjoy!

PHOTO CREDIT: All photos by J. Denevan (aka – stormy1812)


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