Missing You Grandpa! (select-a-set)

credit: someone in my family; just me and gramps time!

credit: someone in my family; just me and gramps time!

On March 11, 2012, one of the most beautiful lights I’ve ever known went out forever. I lost my friend, my pal, my grandpa. The doctors gave him six months and he lived most of them to the fullest and it was nearly six months to the day he passed. He was such a good man, not perfect, good. He believed in a great many things and worked hard to live up to those things. He did well.

My life, or at least my life in my head, has been in such a haze for months on end now. I hit this spiral about a year ago and have never fully recovered it seems. I’ve been in such a haze in the last few days that I realized I forgot my grandpa’s anniversary of when he died. I realize that really it’s better to remember birthdays than deaths, but still, I feel like I forgot him somehow and that doesn’t sit right with me.

If you’re new or have forgotten, part of the name of this blog is due to my gramps. He nicknamed me Stormy because of my terrible temper tantrums! There were epic…so I hear. Conveniently, I don’t remember this period of time in my life or at very least not very well. For a long time I was embarrassed by the nickname because who wants to be known for temper tantrums? I have since decided it’s an important part of my past and it’s so endearing coming from gramps. I’m more than happy to own the nickname now.

This special select-a-set is for gramps…songs that make me think of him in some way. A physical life may be temporary but a spirit is forever through memories of those who remain. I love you gramps!

First – “Grandpa, Tell Me About the Good Old Days” – The Judds. When I found out grandpa was terminally ill, I decided I wanted to sit down and talk to him about his stories and get a few voice recordings so I could always hear from him about parts of his life. Some of what I wanted to do never was fully realized for various reasons but at least I have a few good recordings I can always have.

Second – “Long Time Traveler” by the Wailing Jennys. This song is so beautiful and I feel like it suits grandpa. He was a traveler for sure.

Third – “The Promise” by Tracy Chapman. This song was in my grandpa’s slideshow for his services. I just felt it was so fitting and it’s so lovely. Tracy is a phenomenal songwriter and this is just another great tune from her. As for the video, there are some subtitles I can’t explain. Sorry!


8 responses to “Missing You Grandpa! (select-a-set)

  1. I have only very early memories of my father’s father, George Housley. He died very early in my life of a work-related illness, but most of him is in my father, F. Aaron Housley, who is a truly remarkable and gentle man of hard-work, honesty, and integrity.
    My mother’s father is William C. Phelps who died late in my adulthood and who I got to know very well. His legacy also lives on in the personality of my mother, sisters, and myself and my children. He was a man of many respectable qualities of hard-work, integrity and a driving courage to fix things that he found wrong in the world around him.

  2. This is so beautiful. It reminds me of when I forgot about my dads birthday, it was a horrible feeling. I really connected with this blog post and I am glad that you wrote it in memory of your grandfather and I am sure many more will connect with this post. SO BEAUTIFUL.

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