Day 9: I Love My Privacy!

credit: Jennifer Denevan The moon is only showing what it wants, I tend to agree. I like my privacy darn it!

credit: Jennifer Denevan
The moon is only showing what it wants, I tend to agree. I like my privacy darn it!

Okay folks…I know…I’m still so bad at this but I’m trying! Really! Today is Day 9 of the Love Month. After reading an article today, I’ve definitely decided I love my privacy. Apparently, Samsung is coming out with a television that will allow viewers to use the darn thing remoteless. A voice can change the channels, etc. Sounds pretty awesome on paper until the disclaimer, in not so many words, tells you to be careful of what you say around the t.v. because it’s listening in on you and your family’s conversations! Say what?

Let’s be fair. I am paraphrasing what it does and how it works. It is a bit complicated and the writer of the chosen linked article does recognize that Samsung does have a fairly direct disclaimer and lets customers know that certain formation won’t be sold to third parties but some will. Hmm. There is also a way to limit the functions to ensure it won’t pick up just any ol’ conversation. How nice of them to include that function. I realize that information that will be sold is most likely to be whatever will help companies find yet another way to bombard us with commercials, phone calls during dinner, nuissance emails, etc., whatever way they can to get to us and to get us to buy their product, whatever that may be.

There is of course, the bigger picture to be worried about though. It may start with telemarketers but it will eventually truly become spying. How long will it take before an organization such as the NSA will use that technology to continually infringe on our rights? How long will it take for hackers to get involved and who knows what else. I’m sorry, but I’ll stick to my television with a remote thank you. I like my privacy!

I like knowing that when I’m at home, it really is just me; that I don’t have to worry about something I said being used against me in some fashion. I want to watch the television…I don’t want it watching me. I consider my life and myself to be a pretty open book but I like to be the one to open it; to be in control of when I open it, how much I open it and to whom. It should be my choice, not up to some darn flashy technology. Anyway, that’s my rant for the evening.


4 responses to “Day 9: I Love My Privacy!

  1. The world is getting faster, and while these advertisements are being pushed on us, it’s not helping long term. Companies compete with each other for our attention. But think about it. More ads won’t help.

  2. My Samsung Smart Phone when on activates the Voice feature every once in a while and it wants me to SPEAK to it – ha! I am with you on loving my privacy. Here is something that bothers me – searching on the web and your search pops up in your e-mail or on social media sites – a bit much and SCARY! I really wonder if anything will be private in the future – have to be careful now with all the cell phone cameras – never know what someone will capture and post and then you find yourself unknowingly on the internet going viral – YIKES! I am going to create a Privacy Sign now – Happy Day 🙂

    • lol right? It’s such a weird dichotomy to be more disconnected from people due to technology and yet MORE connected such as the examples we’ve discussed….talking cell phones (the phones NOT the user lol) and now tvs. Oy! What a crazy age we live in now!

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