Hell hath frozen over! (Or It did)

So, I’m clearly way behind in posting this lil’ tidbit of news but life has been busy! Okay so that’s only part of the truth. I fell back into the posting infrequently rut I was in previously but I’m trying to break that…again. I will need to take some time to set up a schedule for myself and keep to it. This is something I’ve threatened to do in the past but as I found out that work is going to be getting more intense, a schedule is the only way I see myself surviving and doing all the things I want to do at work and outside of work.

So anyway, I wanted to share this lil’ bit about the snow the fell in Needles! Needles has been my home now for just over five years but it didn’t really feel like home until there was snow. I’m a Colorado girl so I like snow, especially now after living in a place that has no clue what that is haha! It was a very nice change.

For work, I needed to run around like a mad woman and get photos and do a story for the paper and for our website. It was a fun day indeed, nevermind that it was New Year’s Eve when this happened. I loved the fact that a weather event happened on the last day of the year. To me it was a clear signal of life getting ready to renew itself. I’m all for that!

In my research, I found out that Needles’ last recordable snow fall was in 1989 (it was only a trace amount). Before that, the last real snowfall was in 1949! Holy snow Batman! That’s a long time but then again, Needles is in the Mojave Desert…it’s not exactly known for cold or moisture and let’s face it, snow is both. In 1949, the small desert community reached 12.2 inches of snow for one day! Pretty impressive. There were two other days that January when there was small amounts of snow but still, much more than has happened in a long time.

It was a super fun day. I was fun for me anyway. I think a lot of Needles folks got a kick out of the snow though many also began to freak out because for here, it was darn cold and they don’t know how to handle that kind of moisture. It was humorous.


2 responses to “Hell hath frozen over! (Or It did)

    • You’ve never seen snow? Oh that’s too bad. It’s not for everyone, but it can be fun and it’s definitely cold! But it’s a nice break from too much heat…I think! 🙂 Glad I could share my experience.

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