A Study In Photography…Sort Of

The locket is a personal project I have regarding my neighbor. If you’ve read my piece on Rachel’s Challenge, the second presentation, then you’ll have an idea for where this is coming from. I don’t believe I discussed one element of that presentation and that was Rachel’s gloves of conviction. I have a quote on my bedroom wall that says:

Conviction is worthless unless it’s converted into conduct.

Rachel clearly believed similarly, as do I. She was like all of us though and would have her doubts. Doubts one day kept her from showing a bit of kindness that she felt she shouldn’t have missed out on and so she kept a moment, if you will, to remind her to not let her mind talk her out of what her heart believes. The locket is my version of Rachel’s gloves of conviction.

I hope that by wearing my neighbor’s photos around my neck, I’ll never forget to be willing to step out of my comfort zone so I can show the bit of kindness. I hope I’ll never again be too afraid to reach out to someone. You just never know what you miss out on when you’re too shy to leave your comfort zone.

So these photos are all, obviously, of the same subject. I took them with my Canon Powershot  Sx260. One shot I put in the monochrome mode and another I intentionally used the soft focus setting to well I guess create atmosphere I suppose. The others I was messing around with the lighting. I would be interested in knowing anyone’s opinion on each one or them as a group. I am always looking for feedback and I still have a long ways to go in my photography. Shoot, I still need to learn some basic language, etc. I hope you like them! I hope to hear back from you all. Have a good day!


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