Why Didn’t I…?



Why didn’t I welcome you when you first moved in? I saw you and your dad move your belongings into the apartment behind me…I could have said “hi” but I refrained.

Why didn’t I ever speak up more? There were many times, many opportunities to be more friendly but I wasn’t.

Why didn’t I ever knock on your door and be a good neighbor? I even tried to come up with excuses to go over – a jar I couldn’t open, needing to borrow some salt, or even asking your to turn up the volume on your radio so I could hear Oingo Boingo also but nothing.

Why didn’t I make more of an effort? Even with our neighbor it took me so long to speak up and be friendly. I struggle so much with speaking to strangers even if they are my neighbors.

Why didn’t I reach out when I had the chance? As I spoke with our neighbor and learned we had some similar struggles, I wanted to reach out so badly but constantly talked myself out of it.

Why didn’t I make more of an effort to become a friend? I could have used another friend. It could have been nice.

Why didn’t I do something so I wouldn’t have to be asking…why didn’t I?


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