Going Home (Select-A-Set for homecoming)



Sadly, I have a lot of work to still get done so I have to keep this select-a-set short, sweet and to the point. This week just happens to be homecoming for the high school I work with so I thought that songs about home or going home seemed appropriate.

First up – Daughtry – “Home.” I just love Daughtry. That’s pretty much it. This is just another good song from them but I’ll admit to being biased. Sometimes we learn that it’s just home where we need to be, that’s where the love lives.

Second – Karla Bonoff – “Home.” This lady’s voice is enchanting. It’s a good folky tune about how sweet home can be. I love the mandolin in this song along with all of its charm.

Third (but not necessarily last) – The Beatles – “Two of Us.” For me, this song always makes me think of the movie “I Am Sam” starring Sean Penn and we are introduced to Dakota Fanning. It’s such a touching movie of a mentally handicapped father and his daughter and Beatles’ music is all done throughout because he’s such a fan. It’s a sad but really heart warming story and this song really nails it with what home is about. For the soundtrack the song was covered by Michael Penn (yes Sean’s brother – the other one) and Aimee Mann (formerly of “‘Til Tuesday). Wonderful cover! I highly recommend you check it out. In fact, I found the best video with their cover. Please do watch the movie though…if you’re a cryer… you will cry lol, but it’ll be worth it.


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