I Love the 80s! Part 2 (Select-A-Set)



Okay so I started this whole “I love the 80s” bit for my select-a-sets back some time ago so I figured as I get back on track, doing part 2 would be a good way to go. A reminder – select-a-sets are not my idea. I am borrowing it from a Denver radio station, KBCO, who used to use select-a-sets as a way of interacting with listeners and to keep them guessing of the themes. Listeners could turn in their own select-a-sets for others to try and figure out. Right now my sets continue to be laid out for you all but eventually, I hope to make it a bit more tricky. Each set has some type of theme. Right now, I’m digging the 80s!

First up – Chris DeBurgh’s – “Lady in Red.” This is a great love song of the 80s! Who didn’t like Kelly LeBrock? She was a perfect lady in red and the song is so lovely. My words escape me right now but this song is wonderful in expressing being overcome by one’s beauty and it doesn’t have to simply be what’s showing on the outside. When next to real beauty, it’s breathtaking. Makes you swoon doesn’t it?

Second – Simply Red’s “If You Don’t Know Me By Now.” This is a great band and his vocals are so moving. This is one of those songs that does very well as a cover. Sensing a sub-theme at all?

Third – So we’ve danced cheek to cheek, suddenly lost faith in each other and we’re led to drinking…”Red Red Wine” (see what I did there? It was actually on accident and then thought…hey…what do you know?) UB40 is such a great band and who doesn’t love a little of those reggae beats and instrumentation to go with their wine? This is the ultimate 80s song and it’s fabulous!


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