Back and here to stay…hopefully

Needles sunset mid-August

Needles sunset mid-August

To my readers (for those who have chosen to stay): I apologize for my lengthy absence! I have been in a significant rut and working to get out of it has proven challenging. I just hit this moment of being tired of writing, tired of finding things to discuss, etc. It was tragic in more ways than one. For those who have hung in there and been patiently waiting for me to come back, I really appreciate it!

I know I’ve said this before but this time is different – with a need to get my life on track again, I have to follow through on this – I plan to write on here at least once a week (write or post photos, etc.) I need to get back into rhythm and I think if I set a “low” goal of at least once a week, I should be able to do that. I plan to get back into my select-a-sets also (so that my mean twice a week – which would be good).

Anyway – thank you all for hanging in there! I really appreciate it! I feel more ready to tackle the world, get back to writing and getting on track. 🙂 Take care everyone!


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