Can It Be Foolish To Make A Point To See Los Lobos? (select-a-set)

credit: Jennifer Denevan/ at the Los Lonely Boys/Los Lobos concert in Laughlin; shhhhh - don't tell anyone! I wasn't supposed to have a camera in there.

credit: Jennifer Denevan/ at the Los Lonely Boys/Los Lobos concert in Laughlin; shhhhh – don’t tell anyone! I wasn’t supposed to have a camera in there.

Let’s be clear – it can NEVER be foolish to make a point to see Los Lobos and as it turns out – it’s not foolish to see Los Lonely Boys either. These two groups are most definitely musicians, not just bands. When I say that, I mean these guys have so much talent as musicians they don’t have to stick to the music sheets. They play off of each other and can jam and bring the audience along for the ride. It’s most excellent! The only “foolish” part of it was that I’m a bit strapped financially given my little venture to Laguna but eh, it was still totally worth it. It was a fabulous concert.

I may note that it was also interesting to be up there when it was the Laughlin River Run. There were a whole bunch of hispanic bikers up for that concert, all squished in like sardines because of how the seating is – it made for interesting times. Actually, it was nothing but fun. I loved it!

So, given that I had this wonderful opportunity to see such awesome bands perform live, it seems only appropriate to do a special select-a-set for Los Lobos. They really are one of my absolute favorite bands because they can just about literally do it all. They play such a range of music, you could never get bored with it. I’ve decided I’ll select songs they didn’t perform at the concert, but please check them out beyond this post. Your ears will thank you.

First up – “Will The Wolf Survive.” I have to being a bit bummed they didn’t play this one, but it’s a great tune and there were plenty of great ones they did play.

Second – “Down On The Riverbed.” For my mom, every time she hears this song, she envisions Jimmy Smitts walking down the street with a whole lot of attitude – a scene in the movie “Mi Familia.” That’s a fantastic movie, in case you haven’t seen it. It’s actually listed in English as “My Family” but we always use the Spanish for it. This song is a bit more harder rock from this band (not real hard mind you but it has some edge). Who better to capture the tone of this song than Jimmy Smitts?

Third – “La Pistola Y El Corazon.” Again, showing their versatility, this is a Spanish song. It’s absolutely beautiful and tragic at the same time. I personally believe the Spanish language is beautiful on it’s own but put it to beautiful music and wonderful tempo and it’s magic. This song is just that – magic.

So, I really could probably list at least four or five more songs but I won’t…at least not this time. I will add a bonus song though for Los Lonely Boys. I haven’t heard much of their music until last night and let me tell you, they’re really a fun act to watch and but to listen to, it’s really a treat for your ears.

I’m posting the most recognized song by them, but please check into more of their music. You won’t be sorry. Here it is: “Heaven.”


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