Shot At The Red Blood Moon

I took these photos of the lunar eclipse with a Canon Powershot SX260HS. I was limited with what I could do because the tripod I have is no longer functional, if you will. Most of these are taken with me holding the camera and simply trying a bunch of different settings. There were many more photos taken but these are the best…I think.

I am still learning a lot about the technical side of photography, but I like to think I’m getting there. One day I’ll have a professional grade camera but until then, I’m having fun trying this out for a bit. This Canon does pretty well for a small, consumer grade point and shoot. The zoom is pretty darn good too.


2 responses to “Shot At The Red Blood Moon

    • Thank you! I took probably about 40 shots and these are the best of them. I get the best ones when I finally let the camera do the work lol…go figure. I finally didn’t but ya know.. I kinda wish I had. 🙂 It might have helped me with some things lol.

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