A Foolish Day At The Rodeo

credit: Jennifer Denevan (me); just a bunch of cowboys waiting on the bronc riding competition.

credit: Jennifer Denevan (me); just a bunch of cowboys waiting on the bronc riding competition.

The last two days have been a bit of a blur…part of why I haven’t been posting and why I’m so late posting today. I love working the big events here in lil’ ol’ Needles but it’s a lot of work. Thank God I love my work, or it’d be a really long weekend.

This past two days have been the Colorado River Round-Up Rodeo. There’s the usual rodeo events such as saddle and bareback bronc riding and bull riding. There’s also the various roping events and team roping events. My personal favorite though is the Lil’ Wrangler Rodeo with the little kids. They do the mutton busting and calf riding. In case you don’t know what mutton busting is, it’s where the little kids ride sheep, in similarly foolish fashion that bull riders do only on a much smaller scale and it’s so darn cute it’s ridiculous. I may have mentioned this a year ago when I first started blogging but my first experience with mutton busting meant watching a cowboy having to peel a little girl off the sheep she held on so tight. It was so cute, I couldn’t stop laughing. She was the winner…shocker.

This year’s rodeo was another fun time, as to be expected. I did fine the first day but the second day turned into a bit of an adventure. Lately, life has been weird. There’s been this weird energy that’s existed for a couple of months now or so and on a personal front, things have been peculiar to say the least. Behavior by certain individuals has been out of place, my own behavior hasn’t always been usual and in general life has felt a little out of whack to say the least. Yesterday was no exception.

I was a damned fool all day basically. Everyone makes mistakes…it happens. Sometimes we even have full days of silly mistakes. That was me yesterday. I remember about a year ago, I wrote a similar post to what I’m writing now. There is something in the air in April…at least for me…that makes me foolish (at least it feels that way). So where to begin…oh yeah…I forgot the change the settings on the company camera so I could get photos of the Grand Marshal during the rodeo parade. The settings had the ISO up so high so I can try and get as much light in to the lens as possible but wouldn’t you know it…during the day that’s not necessary because there’s plenty of natural day light. The first photo is totally white…literally. It’s a white, blank square. The second photo you can get a hint of someone being there but certainly not enough to make it worth turning in for the newspaper. Okay so I fixed that…with some effort as I’m still learning about digital SLR cameras.

credit: Jennifer Denevan (me)/ the wagon the rodeo grand marshal used in the parade; feels so old time western - I love it!

credit: Jennifer Denevan (me)/ the wagon the rodeo grand marshal used in the parade; feels so old time western – I love it!

I was doing okay for a while there but then things got interesting. I went to the mutton busting and calf riding events for photos and naturally I forgot my sunscreen. I have so many weird tan lines now I’m not real sure how to describe it. I’m all kinds of colors. For the first time in a long time, it turned out there was a ladybug on me. I didn’t know it – someone pointed it out to me. This is a sign of good luck of course, but it was still odd. That never happens to me. Maybe I needed the bit of good luck to counter all the foolish behavior that followed.

Well evening time rolls around and I’m swamped at the office with stuff to do but I finally decide I need some “me” time. Part of the decision is because I didn’t want to whole rodeo to go by and only get work photos. I wanted some for me too. I will admit that as a single lady I couldn’t help but want to see if there were some good-looking cowboys. There were…yay! Well, that decision came a bit late because I was supposed to be there early enough to get photos of the newly crowned rodeo royalty but I forgot. Thank God my editor wasn’t all up in arms about that like he could have been. Eek. The forgetfulness didn’t stop there.

Having seen that two-hour span of time as for myself, I didn’t take my notepad and pen with me and that’s a crime for any reporter regardless of the situation because you can’t ever tell when you’ll need to be on the clock again. Well, the good news is that I managed to find pen and paper enough to get a comment or two from a rodeo committee member so I could add it to my story I needed to have done. Again, that ladybug was working overtime to keep me from getting myself busted. I also managed to lose my keys and not even notice. I found out that night that the little electronic device for the car doors is very expensive…like $300 minimum type of expensive! Hot damn! Thank God again for that lady bug and someone finding my keys and my getting them returned quickly. That would have been a bad night. I also somewhere along the way tried to lose the paper with my needed story comment but again fortunately at least I was able to find it so I could get my story completed.

Just when you think the foolishness could end…it doesn’t. At the end of the night and after almost 12-hours of work and being in the sun, I managed to walk out of the office…wait for it…my keys. I locked myself out of the office, which effectively means I locked myself out of my car and apartment and it’s already after 11 p.m. Fortunately my good friend Staci was up and has an office key and able to help me out of a jam. That ladybug worked serious extra hard I tell ya. I was most definitely foolish…all day long even. I’m hoping some sleep will cure this.


7 responses to “A Foolish Day At The Rodeo

    • It was a long couple of days but it was a lot of fun…even though I tired so hard to screw it up lol. The rodeo is always a good time and great source of photos. 😀

  1. Hi Stormy, I’ve had days like this — keys and all. It’s a relief that we get a fresh start the next morning. Don’t beat yourself up, just give yourself some extra love. ~ Dennis

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