A Fool’s Hope Turned Reality: One Year At Stormy Musings



So WordPress was so kind as to congratulate me for being with them for one year days ago. I opted to not do a post then because to me that’s not really the anniversary. That’s when I signed up, but the anniversary is really when I first posted. I decided to start writing on 1 April 2013 because I didn’t want to start in the middle of the month. I wanted a clean start to this new adventure.

My blog hasn’t exactly grown as quickly as I’d like but it also grew a lot more than I thought it would. This is exciting. I had no idea what to expect from this process and I certainly didn’t know I’d be so positively influenced by so many. I’m eternally grateful.

I started this project a year ago knowing the goal was to write to a theme every month. It started with some “game” if you will on Facebook. I told my dad about it and he loved the idea of posting something every day about that theme, i.e. something I love for everyday in February, the Love Month; or something I’m lucky for during Lucky March. He felt that was a way to get to writing more and I agreed.

While I’ve worked hard to keep to the themes, I named this blog Stormy Musings for multiple reasons. I wanted to allow myself room to grow, room to go beyond the boundaries of the theme on occasion. I have done that from time to time and there’s been times when I have found a way to make the theme idea connect to other ideas. I hope to stick even more to the theme this year but in new ways.

I hope to keep going and to write even more and on a more regular basis. It really is my goal to post something every single day for each theme – though I suppose I need to allow myself time to do other things on occasion. I want to post more photos and more music, but also tie them into my themes. I hope I gain more ground on this writing bit – I’m still not convinced I’m so good at it, but I’m working on it.

The name also stems from my grandpa’s nickname for me, which I feel is fitting for what I want to do here. I want this to be my place to vent and “storm,” but also be a place of randomness and yet be planned. I’m good with it contradicting itself at times – I hope it pulls more people in and more to comment and interact with me. My biggest goal is to learn from those who stop by or decide to be a regular visitor. I’ve always believed it’s an amazing thing to learn from others and to gain from their experiences. I want the “storm” to brew conversations between people – not just myself and them but between each other. Ideas are born that way.

I think I needed this first year to know what I can or can’t do; I needed to know that I can get people interested enough to stop by for a while. I needed to know simply that I can write. I needed to know that I can be mildly creative. There was much to learn and I still have much to learn but I think I have enough tools now that I can make this blog even better…so I hope. It’ll still be an adventure and there’s more room to grow but that’s what I love.

I do also want to introduce the next month. I liked the original theme so I’m sticking with it – The Foolish Things People Do will be all month for April. I had a lot of fun with making the connections and I hope to keep doing that. Lucky March was great, but it’s time to move forward into April. Please feel free to let me know if there’s something I’m missing or something I can do better. I want to hear from folks and I welcome constructive criticism. I can’t get better if I don’t know. I’m also interested in hearing what ideas others have not only for themes but for my writing in general. I don’t always know what to write but I welcome suggestions.

Lastly, but not least – Thank you all for reading and for following! If you’re stopping by, thanks for stopping by! I’m incredibly grateful for you spending any time here at all. It’s flattering to be read. Happy April Fool’s Day!


8 responses to “A Fool’s Hope Turned Reality: One Year At Stormy Musings

  1. Congrats! Sorry I’m late, obviously I was busy but no excuses for me cuz you’re my fav Jen 🙂

    Okay, so I was TOTALLY thinking of you yesterday in Philadelphia Jen (no NOT FOR THAT REASON!!! Get your head out of the gutter sweetie) I was sitting with some fellow bloggers and I may have used some… uh, er…uh, “colorful” language and the one woman (our age, she is 35) was SO HAPPY that I talk that way in real life… LMAO!!! Too funny…… and so I thought of you cuz you always notice when I write sentences like, “the way I sound in real life is a tad bit different than the way I write on my blog”….

    SO HAPPY FOR YOUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! (although WordPress kinda sucks cuz they never sent me a one year congratulatory email! )

    • Aww thanks! And no my mind was never in the gutter you perv…lol. Yes I’m sure you did use colorful language lol…that’s your gig BUT that’s also who you are so I’m sure it did make you seem more “real.”Yes I do always notice but some of that is because I have to tease you about something…you’re always harassing me about my music taste or whatever.
      Thanks again and I’m sorry WordPress didn’t send you something. That’s pretty crappy. I only got a lil’ note on here – one of those trophies letting me know I signed up with them a year ago (if that makes you feel any better I dunno lol). Glad to hear your Philly experiment has gone so well and that your trips have gone so well. Man – I’d so love to have the chance to meet up with people like that. My life is far too dull – it has to change lol. 🙂

  2. I think I spent too much of my youth watching spy films or something because I honestly don’t feel like my life is any more exciting than your life or the next person….. do I get to meet bloggers every weekend in different cities? Sure… but it doesn’t make me feel like my life is exciting…….

    I associate exciting with smuggling secret computer files across enemy lines, or fighting the Nazi’s during WWII…. ha ha…I honestly feel like my life is rather hum drum boring… and I’m being completely honest.

    • Well, I think it depends on experience then. I don’t even get to do what you’re doing and that would be at least mildly exciting – visiting new cities, meeting new people. I do the same fairly routine things all the time and so yeah it’s not all that exciting to me – at least not anymore. I get what you’re saying though. Yes those things you said are definitely very exciting and interesting but exciting and interesting things don’t have to be dangerous lol.

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