Select-A-Set Thursday: iPod Shuffle Set



I just picked that photo because it’s pretty and it’s random. I have to admit I didn’t really have anything prepared for this week’s select-a-set. I should have but I don’t. I’m sorry all. I decided that once in a while, it’s good to go random. It’s a bit of the luck of the draw when it comes to hitting that shuffle button on the iPod or other mp3 player. That’s how I like it most times.

I love being surprised. I love not knowing what’s coming next, but enjoying the surprise. Because I like a very wide range of music, the shuffle button frequently proves to be interesting. There are times when it will be Tim O’Brien (bluegrass namely), then Jimi Hendrix and then some sort of dance song from an artist like Rihanna. It’s a good time though; it always keeps things interesting.

So here it is – my iPod on shuffle. The first song – “Whatever It Takes” – Lifehouse. I love this song. Of course, there really isn’t much by Lifehouse I don’t like. They’re a great band and produce a lot of songs that most can identify with – that’s a good thing.

Second up – One Republic’s “Secrets.” Holy cow I love this song! The sound is gorgeous and flowing with the strings at the start and I love the lyrics. It’s a song I can listen to over and over again.

Third one – “Homeless” by Paul Simon with Ladysmith Black Mambazo. “Graceland” the album was groundbreaking at the time. There, of course, was the folk element going strong but there was also the connection to African rhythms and instrumentation – namely percussion. “Homeless” also included the group Ladysmith Black Mambazo. This song is beautiful. All in all, it was a great way to introduce those who hadn’t heard this king of music to it. Simply wonderful.


6 responses to “Select-A-Set Thursday: iPod Shuffle Set

  1. Uh……. one republic Jen? ONE REPUBLIC JEN? ONE FREAKING REPUBLIC JENNIFER!!!!????? Okay, you can never say anything against Britney EVER again! lol I love ya….. but my 11 year old daughter is obsessed with One Republic; she has their posters all over her room, it looks like a shrine to them…… so I associate them with teeny bopper bubble gum music….. not with my music friend Jen!

    And you give me hell 😉 ha ha ha

    Here was my playlist this afternoon for the trip here to Pittsburgh;

    Oasis first album
    THird Eye blind first album
    All American Rejects first album
    The Offspring 2nd album
    Cranberries 2nd album

    • One Republic actually has talent UNLIKE Spears…period! End of story. Second – they are NOT a teeny bopper group – it just turns out your kid has good taste 🙂 Live with it. I have Third Eye Blind’s first album thank you very much along with some other tunes on my iPod – I just haven’t gotten to it yet lol. I did a select-a-set- highlighting the Cranberries so I’m sure we’ll see them again – never fear. I dig The Offspring also but I don’t think I need an entire album. So there *sticks tongue out!* lol 😀

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