The Irish Touch on Pop Music (select-a-set)



Given that we’ve just past St. Paddy’s Day, I found it appropriate to give another Irish blessing your way. Oh those Irish…they love their drink and blessings…and they have a great sense of humor. As I said before, though, they also have a ton of talent. Yes there are the more traditional songs and jigs that we have all come to know and love, but there is also the Irish influence on pop music.

One of my favorites among these pop stars, The Cranberries. They’re wonderful to listen to and Dolores’ voice is lovely. Among my favorites by them is  “Ode to My Family.” Her voice is hauntingly beautiful. It’s just a good way to fondly remember childhood.

There is also The Corrs. I first fully recollect hearing this band when they came out with “Breathless,” which was a fun pop song, upbeat. I listen to more of their music and realize I had heard more but just hadn’t put a name to the voices/musicianship. The Corrs are a group of siblings with a ton of talent. For me the two very distinct elements are of course Andrea’s vocals and Sharon’s violin. Caroline and Jim clearly have much to offer also. It’s pop music but definitely a touch of Irish in there particularly with the instrumentation and Andrea’s vocal control. It’s just so beautiful. My favorite- “Runaway.” I could listen to this over and over.

Finally, I have to go with one of my all-time favorite bands, U2. They’re amazing in more ways than one. Personally, I love how involved they are with political issues. They still remain relevant not only through their activism but through their music. My personal favorite by them, naturally, is “With Or Without You.” Bono’s voice is so rich and wispy at the same time – it creates a beautiful contrast. It’s a song that simply gets into your veins and you can’t get out. All the pieces fit so well together it’s unreal.


One response to “The Irish Touch on Pop Music (select-a-set)

  1. I LOVE U2…but who really doesn’t? With or w/o u is good, I actually like Beautiful Day a lot too even though its one of their more recent songs, Sunday bloody Sunday, One…. and my favorite of theirs all time is “40”….happy st. Pat’s and all that Jen to you 🙂

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