So Long Love Month, Hello Lucky March!



I’ve been a bad lil’ monkey. I had so many things I had hoped to write about in February and all this love stuff but my personal life and various insecurities that I’ve been dealing with (that scarily feel like they’re getting hard to get over) came crashing in on me. I’ve also had a lot of work to do and just hit some general burn out with writing. Sad day huh?

I need to get “back in the saddle” this month. It’s important in more ways than one. Part of what helped keep me feeling good about things has been this blog so I need to get back to what helps keep me happy. That said…shall we get this party started?

So yes, this month is Lucky March! Every day it’s about examining something that I feel I’m lucky for in this life. There’s a great many things I’m lucky for, I’ve been blessed. This will be a two-in-one post as I’m a day behind. Anyone real new to this blog, I try and write to a theme every month. The theme is a way to help keep me on track and initially to show some gratitude in different ways. Last month it was about what I love and now it’s about what I’m lucky for – this doesn’t always have to be just about me either. It can be what I feel as a society we’re lucky for, etc. I always try and encourage folks to get involved in the conversation, that’s a major goal of this blog. I want to hear from others and for this month – what do you feel lucky for? Is there something I’ve missed or overlooked, please tell me.

So to get this going, today I’m lucky to have made friends with Elaine. She was awesome enough to invite me to come and hang out with her to work on some plans I have for my personal life (details to come later as I know more) and to have fun and hang out. Fun today included going to a bluegrass festival. We ended up only hearing one band today because of our other plans meant leaving but it was nice to hear some great music. I’m not a huge bluegrass fan, but I do enjoy it. The musicianship and vocals are typically really something worth listening to in my opinion. The lyrics are usually pretty strong also. This particular band was no exception. I sadly can’t tell you who it was, I forgot to grab a program. Oh well.

Fun today also included going to watch some of these mini-boat races. Okay, I’m sure that’s not the technical term for these model boats, but still, you get my drift. They’re like those huge speed boats used for racing but in model size. Even the models throw up large amounts of water. It was pretty amazing to see those little things go. There were some pretty significant crashes too. It’s one amazingly expensive hobby I will tell you that.

Lastly, there was the line dancing on the London Bridge! Okay so first, this all happened in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., which is about 45 minutes from where I live. I was a little out of place because I really needed to dress more like a cowgirl haha, but that didn’t happen. That’s okay. I wasn’t all on my own that way. Anywho, it was a lot of fun. I don’t get around to line dancing much but it’s a ton of fun. The goal was to try and break some record, but that didn’t happen. The London Bridge is really the original London Bridge that was brought over and rebuilt there in Lake Havasu City. It was cleared of cars and other pedestrians so this large group of dancers could get their cowboy and cowgirl groove on for a few dances. It wasn’t very long but it was fun. It’s been one of the first few times I’ve been that active in a while, which is a bit sad to admit, but also it felt good in lots of ways.

I feel that today was lucky for me to have and I feel it’ll help me get back on track in more ways than one, at least so I hope.



So what are you lucky for today? P.s.  – Thanks Elaine for the great day!


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