I Love Long Girl Talks!



Life for the past week has been a bit tough. I definitely suffered a major setback in terms of learning to love myself and other stuff (for lack of better words). The dating life has stunk and then things went belly up with the group I volunteer for and other hiccups. I wasn’t real prepared for some of that, but that’s life.

I have slowly been piecing things back together for a couple of days now. I took the day yesterday to take care of me emotionally. I don’t normally do retail therapy but it was the one time it actually worked for me. I drove to Las Vegas and so that drive helped. I needed to get out of the area for a bit and it worked like a charm. I do still have some hurdles to get over but I’m well on my way.

The other key element to a quicker recovery…a nice, long chat with one of my best friends. Holly is an amazing woman and I value her friendship more than she knows. She’s pretty darn good at handling my brand of crazy. It’s good to have an anchor in your life like that and trust me, I’m grateful.

Circumstances, time and distance tend to make it difficult for us to talk on any kind of regular basis but the good news is that our friendship is strong enough to withstand months of hiatus. I prefer that not happen but life is funny that way. I finally knew I had come to a moment when I needed her voice to soothe the craziness in my brain. As it turns out, she needed to hear mine as much. I was more than happy to be there for her. I wish I could physically be there so I could help her de-stess, watch some “Gilmore Girls” and eat some ice cream. We’re girlfriends – we’re allowed to do these things.

My point – I’m not real sure what it is but every time I have a good long talk with Holly, I seem to come up with some wonderful one-liners. I don’t want to brag or blow my own horn but that does indeed seem to be the case. Maybe one day I can convince her to guest blog and you can hear directly from her. I can’t remember exactly what it was I told her one night, but we were talking about dating and what not and again, I came up with this fabulous one-liner. Holly brings out my inner-genius. I have other girlfriends who I’m super close with and have wonderful girl talks with, it’s just a characteristic of my chats with Holly. There are other fun characteristics of my chats with my other girlfriends that are unique to them and I love those too.

I focus on this because my one-liner last night was one she wanted me to blog about for one and something we agreed needed to be posted somewhere because we both really liked it (not to mention I’ll forget it otherwise ha!). I don’t think I’m all that smart so where this stuff comes from I don’t know but she pulls it from me somehow.

What was the one-liner? It was this: “Happily ever after doesn’t mean perfectly ever after.” So a little context – life for both of us has been less than desirable. She has some particularly rough road in front of her but the one significant highlight in her life, other than her beautiful daughter, is this amazing man standing by her. I refer to him as “Luke” and she knows why. She was a bit concerned about how much he’s had to endure with her during their relationship and that life has had so many complications and things haven’t been very easy. I reminded her of all the good times they’ve had and it’s the little things that have made the difference in their relationship – hence my quote. If life were perfect, things would get boring and quite frankly, often times people aren’t really as happy as they seem. I’d rather be happy with an extra dose of interesting than perfect and dull and in reality, unhappy.

She’s found a great man to help shoulder the burden she’s carrying and he makes her happy and vice versa. So she has her happily ever after, it just happens to be an ever after that has twists and turns. The happily part will make those twists and turns bearable. Now…does that same piece advice apply to me…she says it does. I have to wait and see. She has her “Luke,” and I’m waiting on Mr. Darcy (think Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”). At least, I think that’s who I’m waiting for. We’ll have to see if it really turns out to be Mr. Darcy I’m waiting for, or some other fabulous fictional guy.

I love my friends! They’re amazing. Each one of my talks with each one has a little different characteristic and I love that. I can get so much more out of life with the different points of view that really help me along my way. I couldn’t be me without each of them. I have another girl talk coming up that I’m looking forward to with my whole heart. Jess and I have similar communication styles and tend to talk in circles, as I refer to as….others might get lost with what we’re trying to say but not us. It always makes perfect sense to us. I love having someone who speaks my language. It really helps. Oh my friends…I love you all!


6 responses to “I Love Long Girl Talks!

  1. Its always annoying when people tell me that adversity helps to make us stronger but as much as things like that are so clichéd, there is a lot of truth in it….. I’m glad you are feeling better :=)

    (on a side note, gosh, that second sentence of yours…..i could of wreaked so much mischief with it… but I practiced self-control this morning ;). )

  2. Well JP, I’ve never had a long girl talk but I’m sure glad they work for you. As for the one-liner, brilliant! It reflects on the truth that long term relationships are works in progress not a point you reach and then coast from. And, he isn’t fictional and he’s out there, says I.

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