I Love WordPress! (Love Month: Day Five)



I discussed my love of WordPress back in November when I included this fabulous site in my many thanks. I want to include it also in my “Love Month” for February. By the way, I try and write to a theme every month and, naturally, with Valentine’s Day this month, I started calling February “The Love Month” years ago and thought it fitting to call it that for my theme this month. Nothing complicated.

I first decided to show my love of something every day the same way I was thankful for something every day in November back on Facebook a year ago. I latched onto the idea of continuing the good vibes and essentially still being thankful but during February instead. It does become a bit of a challenge to be original every day and every month I do this, but it’s a good one. It definitely forces a person to look at things positively and to never take things and people for granted.

Without further adieu, today’s post is about my love of WordPress. I had been looking at possible sites for me to start a blog. I wanted something that would be flexible enough for me to post music and videos (eventually I’ll get there) and photos. I haven’t done so many of those as of late, but that is still on my agenda. Anyway, I wanted to have a lot of flexibility. I feel that after looking at various sites, WordPress provided the opportunities I was hoping for and it has held up in my opinion. That’s one part of why I love being here.

I didn’t realize that once I started blogging who I might meet. I didn’t know that it would mean finding amazing blogs for me to read. I didn’t know that I would have such an awesome opportunity to expand my horizons simply by reading what others have to say. As a writer, it’s turned into a fabulous way to connect with other writers. I’ve been challenged in the way I think and how I write.

I’ve been able to establish connections to other people. I started this blog thinking I was going to just write and through practice and simply writing, I’d improve my own skills. I do feel that it is helping, but the biggest help has been my connections to other writers. Seeing their styles has helped me critique my own and improve my style. I still have so much to learn and have a long way to go before I feel satisfied with my writing, but I know that I’m on my way. All of this because of WordPress.

It may seem silly, but it’s also turned into a big deal for me because of those connections to others I’ve made. I feel pretty isolated where I live in a couple of ways. I’m geographically isolated from friends and family but I also struggle with a social life party due to my job. I love my job, but it does make things a bit difficult that way. I can’t help but feel that WordPress really provided an opportunity to get to know others through their writing and honestly, I didn’t feel so isolated anymore. It doesn’t solve all my problems, mind you, but it certainly has helped me get back on track.

All in all, my experience here has been nothing but positive. I don’t have as much time these days to find lots of new blogs, but I hope to get back to that soon. For anyone who is now following but I haven’t had a chance to visit your blog yet, I will. I’m slowly getting around to everyone’s blog. Thank you all who do follow for well following, for allowing me to ramble and let me say what I need to say I suppose. Thanks for reading and helping me along my way. For those who simply stop by, thank you also! Again, I write for me, but it helps to be read so it feels like I’m having some level of success. Thank you all! You all are helping me with my personal success that goes beyond WordPress. It means more than words can express.


7 responses to “I Love WordPress! (Love Month: Day Five)

  1. I know what you mean about. Being a journalist can isolate you from the community in a genuine level of friendship. Sorry you’re isolated. Yay for partying on =)

  2. Isn’t funny how Facebook gets all the media attention (yes I said MEDIA!!!) yet wordpress offers much more worthwhile connections and interaction? I think its like hanging out at the cool trendy bar where you can have 5 minute meatless conversations with a stranger or friend while music is blaring soo loud you can barely hear yourself….. or hanging out at a quiet little coffee shop (yes I said coffee shop!!!!) and having a much more interesting and personal conversation with a friend or acquaintance…….

    Yet how often do coffee shops (or the equivalent) get attention in the local city or community? Hardly ever, instead its the cool ‘IT SPOT” the trendy bar, trendy night club, etc that gets all the attention…

    • Oh Kenneth – you always take the opportunity to be a butt lol tsk tsk. That said – there was a time when everybody and their uncle wanted to be at coffee shops – maybe not quite as much now but they still do (clearly as you do and you still meet plenty of others who do). It may not be as obvious as it once was but still. That said I do generally agree. I much prefer face time to just a text or message via Facebook or other social outlet. The thing about WordPress is it only collects people interested in fully interacting whereas Facebook is really the drive-thru version of interaction. WordPress is the get out of the car and sit and stay awhile restaurant that doesn’t put the air conditioning on full blast to get you out quickly. Take your time, chat, mingle. I love it. 🙂

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