Goodbye January, Hello Love Month



I’m already a day late. Shame on me. I can’t get over the fact that January is already done. I will say this, even though January is done, I do plan to keep the “choices” theme showing up from time to time. It wasn’t just my theme for this blog for a month, it is my on-going theme for the year instead of a traditional New Year’s Resolution. I use a one-word theme to help me accomplish things for the year. I will admit for a few days I’ve been pretty bad about some choices but a few days doesn’t have to mean forever.

Anyway, so onto the next theme for this blog. If you’re new or just passing through, I try and write to a theme every month. The idea originated on Facebook. I noticed a few of my friends being thankful every day in November for Thanksgiving a little more than two years ago so I tried it last year. Well, February came around and it donned on me that it might be cool to do something similar but for Valentine’s Day. I decided I’d post something about loving something every day. I then did the same thing for March – calling it Lucky March and pointing out something I was lucky for every day. I just thought that if it was worth while to be thankful every day in November, then it was worth extending all that gratitude to other emotions during other times of the Β year. When I told my dad what I was doing he suggested that that be the basis for a blog. So here I am, blogging and writing to a theme every month. February is The Love Month. As the quote above says life is so much better when there’s plenty of love. That is the goal for this month, think on all the things life has to offer and the love that can be had.

It’s a goal to write as frequently as I can if not every day about something I love or something worth loving. It’s really another way to keep the positivity flowing and keeping the gratitude going all year. I’m a day behind so I’ll keep day one short by saying that I love my new haircut! I already posted about it but it is a big deal for me. I haven’t had my hair this short in a long time and it is so freeing in more ways than one. It is designed to be one step in a series of choices to help me better myself. I haven’t totally got on that bandwagon yet partly due to illness and for the last week – well to be perfectly honest, a bit of laziness. I will get there though, because I know I have to. It’s like Yoda says: “Do or Do not. There is no try.”

Onto day two (which is today): It was Super Bowl Sunday. Sadly, my Denver Broncos played poorly and got stomped on by the Seattle Seahawks. I know my team is much better than they showed but those things tend to happen when you defeat yourself before even showing up to the game. To me, the lopsided score is proof that much of sports is mental. I love Peyton Manning and the boys but I think they caved to the head games the Seahawks tend to play but also to all the media talk prior to the game. There was so much pressure put on Manning because of his playoff record. I don’t think this fair but it happens unfortunately. In this case, it won.

That said, today, despite being horribly bummed by a poor performance and not winning the game I truly believed they would win, I still love my Broncos! I suppose loving a professional football team is a silly thing to love but I have my reasons. First there are all the memories attached to them. My dad and I always talk soccer and other sports. My mom and I always had football. Sundays in our house were awesome. We scheduled church based on when the Broncos would play. The pastor didn’t mind because Father Canjor was a big Bronco fan also! We would go to church, then come home, do the laundry and other chores. We’d order pizza or hot wings or even both. It was a great time.

I also love the metaphor for life that comes from sports. There’s the drama and adversity, etc. I love watching talented players too. So many of the Broncos are also classy guys who work hard. I don’t think celebrities/athletes should be role models for many reasons, but my team usually, with a few exceptions, are guys worth paying attention to and I love that. These days so many “professional” athletes are NOT professional at all so it says a lot.

Anyway, I love sports, I love football. I love that I can be entertained but also in awe of their athletic ability. My Broncos put on an incredible show this season and even though it ended on such a sour note, they really can’t be too disappointed (at least not ultimately – in the moment yes but in the long run no). I think my final note is that it’s important when being a fan of any team that you actually be a fan through thick and thin. I really can’t stand bandwagon fans. Really being a fan means liking your team even when they struggle. That is what real love is about.


12 responses to “Goodbye January, Hello Love Month

  1. February is the love month? okay, well here’s one of my favorite movie ‘love’ quotes from a great February movie; “I don’t deserve someone like you. But if I ever could, I swear I would love you for the rest of my life”

    as to your Bronco’s; ha ha ha…it was pretty funny, sorry! That opening snap, the interceptions, the return to open the second half. Sorry, I’m not a big Payton fan (but actually I like the Bronco’s) so I was glad to see the seahawks win….plus I’m a big fan of the REAL seattle football team which are owned by the same people I think (the sport in which the players actually kick the ball and if they touch it with their hands they are penalized)

    and I can’t help but notice who my darling Jen is blaming in her post for the bronco’s loss; THE F888ING MEDIA!!! lol, and I quote, ” I love Peyton Manning and the boys but I think they caved to the head games ……….to all the media talk prior to the game” AHA! So you’ve finally come to the dark side; the media is ALWAYS at fault for the ills of society. Pretty soon you will join Darth Vader and me over here as we fight against the rebellion πŸ˜‰

    • Really dude??? I love how you f-ing twist my words around… NOT!!!! You know for a fact that’s not what I’m saying AT ALL!! If you were really reading my statement you’d understand that I said they ALLOWED themselves to fall for that shit – that DOESN’T put the blame on the media – it puts it on THEM. They needed to ignore that shit and they didn’t. That’s on THEM. They are human and they make mistakes and in this case the mistake was falling for it. As for Peyton Manning, he has more class and professionalism in his one pinkie than that entire team!! Pete Carroll is a piece of crap for the shit he pulled at USC. How unethical it was to put that school in their situation and then just bail on them! As for Richard Sherman – he’s just an immature, unprofessional punk who gets away with a bunch of crap, as does the rest of that defense. They are a great team but they’re also a bunch of bullies that I can’t and won’t respect. I would add that it’s unnecessary to laugh at me and my team dude. It’s amazing to me how much smack talk people will do AFTER the fact. No I won’t be joining the f-ing dark side either and you know better.

      • Lol yea I know that’s what you weren’t saying….it’s why I broke up your sentence: darth vader was mind controlling me and caused me to do it ; I do like the Broncos though, just can’t stand Payton…….

      • That’s because you don’t get it lol and totally controlled by Darth Vader clearly. Peyton is a good dude, tough competitor, etc. He’s so freakin’ classy; most of the Shehawks will never be that classy except for Russell Wilson.

      • you put a smile on my face this morning cuz by my count that is the first time I got ya to cuss on your blog ha ha….its the little things in life that put a smile on my face; like Jen Deneven dropping the f-bomb and a few S-words……I’m so mischievous; I’m like curious george

      • the same way you do; people love me! (ha ha at least the people who love me, love me….the people who hate me; well they are a different story)

        and I got you to say shit again! I’m on a role today!

      • a friend of mine is always saying that I love to rile people up…..REALLY???? nah…I think not πŸ˜‰ ha ha ha I’m just an innocent kid out for an evening stroll with a nice cup of coffee in one hand and a camera in the other……..

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