MLK Day: Choose to Love More



I’ve already spoke some on making the choice, a conscious decision, to love myself more. That’s certainly an important role in making life better, healthier for a person, but I feel it can’t stop there. One of the most important people in this world, and for myself, is Martin Luther King, Jr. His work has inspired generations and needs to continue to do so if things are to improve.

I remember reading somewhere that he was reluctant to be the face of the Civil Rights Movement. He certainly had plenty of good reason – husband, father. It could be extremely risky and ultimately, it would claim his life (in a manner of speaking). He had a decision to make. He was at that proverbial fork in the road. According to Yogi Berra, he should take it. And take it he did and to the benefit of us all.

He made the decision to do what was right. He chose to take big risks that ultimately helped us all and no amount of gratitude could ever be enough for his sacrifice. He made the decision to love more, not less. He chose to not let hate and anger lead him but instead to let love shed light. It really takes a conscious effort to do this.

Let’s face it – so many of us have at least felt some level of road rage when some jerk pulls out in front of us or doesn’t use a turn signal and just cuts us off while driving. Our blood pressures rise when someone tries to cheat us in some way, etc. It’s pretty tough to chose “love” over providing a well earned hand gesture or a few expletives. So when I say, to choose, I mean it. It will be difficult, but I hope to reverse the damage of “living,” and work to love more and e angry less. I am only one person but maybe if I can be a little less angry, I’ll help promote more positive vibes in this world, hopefully creating at least a small ripple effect. It certainly can’t hurt to try. If nothing else, I’ll be better for it. I have faith in it.

I wanted to write so much more and go into much more explanation but wouldn’t you know it, I have an itch at the back of my throat that’s promoting a cough. On my way back from my grandmother’s today, I could feel some aches setting in and I feel a bit cold. I’ll say this – I will NEVER love illness, BUT I will love myself by drinking lots of fluids (tea, water maybe some juice), resting and beating this before it gets horrid…or so I hope.


2 responses to “MLK Day: Choose to Love More

    • Yeah that’s a big one for me. Again, I don’t actually self-loathe but I also don’t love myself either, so taking the next step and being fully comfortable in my skin in multiple ways is a big deal. 🙂 Happy week!

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