Select-A-Set Thursday: Making Tough Decisions



When you come to the fork in the road, take it. – Yogi Berra

Berra, a New York Yankee baseball great, made this comment as a way of giving directions to a friend or colleague at the time. The thing is, where Berra lived at the time,  you could take either route and still wind up at his house, therefore, take the fork in the road. It didn’t matter which way. The point is, you just needed to take it.

Sometimes making the choice or decision is the hardest part. Sometimes following through on that choice is the hardest part. Sometimes it’s both. Good luck navigating all of that. I think in the end, Berra’s comment comes in to play. Decisions, choices can be tough but when it boils down to it, you just need to make it. You may not end up in the same place regardless, like with Berra’s house, but you’ll be moving along. Staying put, avoiding decisions, being passive in your own live isn’t the way to be, trust me. I know this first hand.

So, naturally, this select-a-set is about making decisions (for a history of why sets, read this). Just the decision is difficult, let alone what it is you deciding on but it’s a worthwhile process. I know I’m trying to remember this as I move forward with my individual growth.

First up – Incubus’ “Drive.” The opening verse virtually describes me to a T. Indecision does seem to have a “haunting mass appeal” but ultimately, I need to be the one behind the wheel, not fear. This is a great tune if you’re feeling at a crossroads and needing to become more proactive in your life. It’s just well done.

Second – Switchfoot’s “Dare You to Move.” I had totally forgotten about this one. What I love is that’s a bit of what I need…I need to be dared to help promote my movement; from being stalemate and finally make some decisions but also follow through on those decisions. This is also just a “pretty” song. It’s melody and his vocals are moving.

Third – The Clash’s  – “Should I Stay or Should I Go.” Okay so this one is a “fed-up-with-your-indecisiveness” love song. Or something like that. Choices, decisions are always so prevalent when it comes to matters of the heart. This goes for both parties. Sometimes someone is waiting on you to make a choice. There’s no pressure in that at all. However, it is important. Keeping someone waiting is not a good idea. Make your choice and move forward. Also – this is The Clash. I don’t think I need to say more.

I am adding an extra one to this list. The bonus song is Sheryl Crow’s “Can’t Cry Anymore.” I love this one for the list because it shows even when it feels like you don’t have a choice, you do. You can stay put in your situation and make due, or you can choose to recognize that doesn’t make you happy. It may not be an easy choice or decision, but it still is a choice. That tough choice, may end up the best one you make for yourself. Just saying.


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