Liebster Award! Thank You Monkey King!

Liebster Award (credit: somewhere on WP -not sure where it originates)

Liebster Award (credit: somewhere on WP -not sure where it originates)

So, as it turns out I follow this really fun, humorous blog, All Hail the Monkey King. This fine, funny, fellow always brings a smile to my face. Well, he was kind enough to nominate me for this awesome award! Thank you! And as he put it, there are rules for earning such recognition. So here they are:

• Nominees must link back to the person who nominated them.

• Answer the 10 questions which are given to the nominee by the nominator.

• Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers, but deserve to be widely read.

• Create 10 questions for the new group of nominees to answer.

• Let the nominees know you nominated them by going to their blog and notifying them.

Fortunately the rules aren’t too numerous. I have to say that, it surprises me any time I get that kind of recognition. I want this blog to be successful but I can never be too sure of how my writing is actually being received, so I’m so very grateful and humbled. That said, I have some questions to answer. So here we go (let’s hope my answers are are good as his questions ha!):

1. One day, you wake up and discover everything that existed before was a dream. You’re Lex Luthor (Superman villain). You are a billionaire. You’re a white, racist Xenophobe. You’re President of the USA. And you have a super suit. My question. What is the first thing you do?

Answer: Um… this is so hard to answer. I always feel guilty just for wanting to say something mean to someone who deserves it so being a super villain is difficult. I suppose if that were the case, I’d work to find all the super heroes weaknesses and exploit them so they couldn’t touch me and wipe out all the poor because they do nothing but drag us down? Gosh I feel bad just for typing that…but I had to answer.

2. You have a monkey and it is your best friend for most of your life. But the monkey beats up your partner (who you’ve had a serious relationship for two years), and hospitalises him/her. The monkey has never been violent before, and seems apologetic. The partner says he/she is too scared to go near the monkey anymore. Do you get rid of the monkey? Or the partner? What else might you do?

Answer: Wow… tough questions Monkey King. I don’t want to get rid of the monkey but I couldn’t walk away from a relationship that’s already lasted that long. I may first try some creative ways to reestablish trust for my boyfriend but if not, then I’d probably find a good home for the monkey, a sort of open adoption process so I can visit any time.

3. Would you ever sleep with your boss? (Feel free to say that’s not your business, that does answer the question)

Answer: Holy canoli! Nope… I wouldn’t do that. He’s about my dad’s age and I just couldn’t do that, not to mention the ethics involved just for the work place and that he’s married. Nope..would just be wrong.

4. You discover you can travel in time and space, but only three times. Where would you go?

Answer: Only three times? Oh geez. You’re really forcing me to think there Monkey King. Geez. I think one time would be to go back to 2009 when I “dated” this Marine for a bit – I’d go back either for that or to try and undo it. The pain after it didn’t work out was so horrid that I don’t think I’d really want to keep that around if I could avoid it. Second – I’d go back to Italy. I love that place! I don’t think it would matter when because I could find a hot Italian boyfriend any time I think ha! Third – I don’t know. There are so many options and I think one would be to be a fly on the wall somewhere all the political dirty laundry is spilt, probably in the 60s around Kennedy’s assassination. I’d love to know the full truth on that.

5. Favorite tv series? Answer: Right now – I have three that I watch – “Once Upon a Time,” “Sleepy Hallow” and “Almost Human.” The “X-Files” is probably still my all-time favorite!

6. You wake up, and realise the life you knew was a lie. You suddenly recognize the people around you, and the circumstances you are in are familiar. You are at the beginning of the first episode of your favorite TV series. What do you do or what would you do differently?

Answer: Oh geez. I really should have just said one to the above question so I’m just going to pick one. If I were Emma, from OUAT, I’d probably would have worked to be more trusting sooner.

7. Turn your Ipod/Spotify/music player on shuffle. What song is playing now?

Answer: “Shattered” – by O.A.R. Huh… interesting.

8.  Would you rather be a Terminator robot, or a Predator (From the Predator movies)

Answer: Terminator. That way I can at least look human and possible even really good. That predator critter was icky! Plus the T1000 was awesome all liquidy and all. Could get into small spaces, etc.

9. You’re a Pokemon. What are you? And would you be friendly with humans?

Answer: I have no clue to be honest ha! I don’t know any of the Pokemon except for the little yellow one. I’d be him. He’s cute and friendly.

10.  Least popular blog post you’ve ever published?

Answer: There are many truth be told. So many have gone “unloved” – no comments, no likes. I wouldn’t know how to pick just one.

Finally, I am passing this award onto two very deserving bloggers. Yes, I know the rules are for 10, but the rules also state it’s for bloggers with less than 200 readers and virtually all the blogs I follow have more than 200 at least. Most have several hundred readers or in the thousands. I’m way behind.

So anyway, first, I nominate 365 Grains of Rice. This young lady has a wonderful eye for photography. Second – I nominate Myself Through Writing. This young lady has a very bright future and is working hard to get herself set up for it. I enjoy her writing.

Oh crap… almost forgot. I need to present 10 questions to my nominees. I fear my questions won’t be nearly as interesting ha!
1. Name one place you haven’t been that you want to visit.
2. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
3. What’s your biggest fear?
4. If you had one super power, what would it be and why?
5. What’s an ideal first date?
6. What’s one thing you really want to try? (for ex. – skydiving or some exotic food)
7. Favorite meal?
8. One thing you simply can’t live without?
9. Favorite childhood memory?
10. If you had to pick one song to be your personal theme song, what would it be and why?

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