Farewell Phil Everly! Thanks For All the Music

credit: Rolling Stone magazine

credit: Rolling Stone magazine

I came home from work today, turned on my computer and found that Phil Everly, the younger brother of the Everly Brothers, passed away today. he was 76 years old. I grew up listening to their music. My mom was a big fan and always had their music playing.

I managed to forget that Thursday came and went and that’s when I usually do my select-a-sets. Since I didn’t get to it, today will be it. Clearly, the focus is on the Everly Brothers.

First – “Bye, Bye Love.” I just love this tune. It’s simple but I enjoy their vocals. I think many can relate to this song. This was also in the movie of the same name and that was a good flick! Very heartfelt.

Second – “When Will I Be Loved.” Yeah this song totally sums up my dating experience to put it nicely ha! This is a song I think many can relate to and it’s just fun to listen to, all in all Β a great song. Again, given how young they were, they were so talented and their voices were so harmonious and lovely to listen to.

Third – “Til’ I Kissed You.” This is my all time favorite by this duo! It’s so incredibly sweet and fun. Their music was simple but always so relatable and it was pure.

There were many more songs I loved by them including “Cathy’s Clown,” “All I Have to do is Dream,” “Crying in the Rain,” “Bird Dog,” and “Wake Up Little Susie” to name a few. There are more than that even. It’s always unfortunate to lose a talent like Phil. Thank God the music remains for all to enjoy. Rest in Peace Phil! Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us!


14 responses to “Farewell Phil Everly! Thanks For All the Music

  1. the Everly brothers jen?…..the Everly brothers? and you make fun of me for my taste!!!!! the everly brothers make me think of my dad…that was the kind of music he was into; who’s the dude that sang “blue velvet”? he made me go to a concert to see that dude along with the everly brothers when I was like 12….I felt like I was gonna die….give me some Nirvana man….or even a little Christina Aguilera; boy can she sing! What’s next….an article about boys 2 men?

    (lol you know I’m just joking around I hope)

    • LOL it’s not my fault you don’t have any good musical taste; This is far from the only music I like. By now you should see that I cover a wide range of music. Plus, The Everly Brothers were actually talented unlike Britany whom you’re practically in love with (puke!) πŸ™‚ Nirvana is good but I never could get into the whole grunge thing. Aguilara absolutely can sing -she’s just really weird too lol. Go figure. I like many of her songs but it’s not just about singing, I really like artists who can write their own music also – that’s a hard thing to do so they typically get more respect from me than other artists. The Everly Brothers have more talent in their little pinkies than Britany has in her whole body (fake and all LOL). You’re still acting like that teen punk rebelling from your parents lol which is too bad because those eras gone by are what made the music we like today -couldn’t have happened without those folks. Anyway, I think you may mean Bobby Vinton? That’s a guess, I’m not sure. One day Kenneth, one day you’ll see the light. I just hope I live long enough to see it LOL. πŸ™‚

  2. Lol sorry…it’s the cold and snow, I’m going nuts….we’re experiencing e biggest snw storm in the Midwest in more than twenty years….I’ve never seen anything like this before….you r so lucky out there in the desert

    • You’re forgiven… this time lol. πŸ™‚ Maybe I am lucky now but I’ll pay for it very very soon here 😦 Wait until I’m dealing with 125 degrees and literally being baked. Ugh. I think i’m just one of those that has an easier time heating up than cooling off. Go figure.

    • I think I’m just running out of steam lol. I did it for November specifically because it was about being thankful every day; I was going to try and do that for December but just tired and even I can only be so “merry” lol. Right now, I think that I’m writing so much – here, at work, my letters that I’m just low on “juice.” I am going to do my best to work that out though ’cause I need to be writing more not less. I do have a post I need to write today though, but it may not be until later tonight.

      • What I’ve been trying to do is going through and coming up with ideas beforehand and keep that as a working document on my desktop of my laptop and just change it as I go along. I haven’t done much of that for this month but my theme this month is a lil’ harder than I’d expected also. I may not be writing to strictly that and just do some other stuff also. That’s fine – that’s how my blog is supposed to work – one central theme but with the ability to go astray πŸ™‚

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