Merry December: Select-A-Set Thursday (Oops!)



So, I totally forgot that yesterday was Thursday and therefore I should have done my usual select-a-set then… but of course, I’m sure you noticed, I didn’t. I wasn’t thinking. I really planned to write every day this month too but I’ve been so tired and mentally exhausted that I have sadly dropped the ball a bit. My apologies.

Anyway, I wanted this post to focus on a few special Christmas tunes as Christmas was this past Wednesday. A reminder – I do the select-a-sets as a way to focus on one theme and feature either three artists/groups or three songs that all related to the same theme, whatever that may be. This is something that started with me and my dad years ago when I was still in Denver. We still have fun coming up with themes and sets. He helped me a lot during October for all those Halloween sets. As always, the music totally fits in my theme of “Merry December” because nothing makes me happier than music these days, especially truly beautiful and wonderfully made music. Here are some really fine examples of that with truly amazing talents on moving songs.

First up – The Celtic Women – “O Holy Night.” This is a beautiful song anyway but take these ladies voices and combine them and it’s magical!

Second – The Piano Guys – “Angels We’ve Heard on High.” This is just cool and of course, lovely to listen to if you ask me. It’s a bit of a medley from what I can tell but it also makes me think of that group Walk the Earth, who did an amazing cover of “Somebody I used to Know” on just one guitar. Cool concept.

Third – I just heard this for the first time (literally tonight) but this is amazing… Pentatonix’s version of “Little Drummer Boy.” This is absolutely one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs ever and this is truly a wonderful version. So beautifully done.

Because “Little Drummer Boy” is one of my favorite’s, you get two versions. The bonus version is a snare drumline (sadly I don’t know which drumline this is) accompanied by some singers. I find it so fitting a drumline is featured when it’s about a drummer boy. I hope you enjoy this one too!


4 responses to “Merry December: Select-A-Set Thursday (Oops!)

  1. a couple months ago I was flipping channels and came across the Piano Guys on PBS….the first song was cool, they were only using the strings of the piano and all and I thought, “Wow this is different”….than they started playing a bunch of covers and, well, it got old really quick. I don’t understand how there were thousands of people in the crowd watching these guys play covers….what’s up with that? If John Lenon were alive and showed up to a concert and only sang covers I’d be like ‘WTF?’…play something original dude!

    • I don’t get how you can turn snobbish when you like Brittney Spears??? LOL you’re so weird. I like WHAT they do – that’s what makes them so unique. I don’t usually like covers either but the thing about a GOOD cover is if the interpretation is so unique it’s practically their own. Their method is what’s so appealing to me – awesome musicianship if you ask me and I’m sure even Lennon to a point could see that. Yes he’d prefer originals but he’d appreciate the musicianship.

    • lol… well I don’t “hate” her… I don’t know her to hate her. I also have a strong philosophy about using the word “hate” anyway – far too strong to ever use against another human, even if she’s whack lol. It’s mostly that I find her annoying and I really find society annoying for keeping her in public view despite the fact she really doesn’t have any talent (or very little) and then there was the denial that she was marketing herself to kids when she (or at least people who worked for and around her) clearly were, etc. Oh well, it’s all good. 🙂

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